Friday, July 23, 2004


Since the last time I was here I was given the coveted title of Editors Pick #1 on AOL Journals!  I was totally blown away.  I was approached asking if I would submit a picture of myself as consent to be considered for the Editors Pick.  So, I did, as I did also in late October.  This time I was given a confirmation of my photo!  Could it be that in the fall my photo did not make it?  And all that ranting and raving about how unfair the editors were and how they picked such trash (i.e., not mine) for the Top Five....yikes.  I apologize AOL.

Alphawoman was in the spotlight for a week, then I was included on the Journal Page for another week.  This is the third and final week to be included in the spot light.  Then it is back to obscurity.  I am not really all that.....all that popular, all that read, all that a member of the demographic that dominates the journals.  And that does not bother me.  I felt under pressure to write daily, to be good daily!  I posted a lot of Ireland pictures and came up with my current theme of Summer Memories. I would not like to be under that type of pressure to perform all the time.  I would crack.

Joe was not impressed.  He was a little leary that I might be blogging about him.  Granted, there is a mountain of material there, but I have the decency to leave him mostly out of it.  He is a main character, but not as he thinks.  I would never shine the light on him and reveal him as the lunatic he actually is.  HA.

Just thought I'd blown my own horn here. 

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