Thursday, July 29, 2004

Don't Mess with My Memories

In April of last year, Joe and I went to the Todd Rundrun concert held in downtown Lexington at the renown Kentucky Threatre.  Named the troubadour Series, they bring exceptionally wonderful talent to a small intimate venue.

I loved Todd as a kid.  My first double album was Something Anything.  I played it till the black vinyl was gray.  Over and over on my dinky little portable record player alone in my room.  I knew all the works to all the songs. My favorite was "I love you best".  It was that one particular song I longer to hear.  I knew it would take me back to that small little room, with the pink walls and burgany wine color carpet, with Beatle posters on the wall, and most my clothes on the floor.   I wanted to close my eyes and look out the window of that second story room into the tree tops of my youth. I wanted to step into that time machine with Todd at the controls.

While in line with about 200 other nostaglic baby boomer aging hippie now turned grand parents with grey hair replacing the freak flags, I felt someone's eyes on me.  Turning, I found myself looking at a person who I went through prison with, though our parents called it a Catholic High School.  We caught up on the years since out last high school reunion and purchased tickets next to each other, which were ten rows back from the stage.

I couldn't wait!  Finally the evening came. The thearte was packed.  We settled into our seats and the show began on time without a warm up band.  Who needed to warm us up!  We sang along with all the songs along with Todd and were having a grand time.

I began to panic, as the show was long and he had yet to sing, "I love you best".  I poked Joe and said, "Have I missed something".  And Joe replied back to me, "I wish he would do his hard rock stuff!"

It was then that Todd put down the guitar, walked away from the piano and brought out a drum machine and a ukala.

He began to play "I don't want to work" which is my antheum anymore.  I was still happy and still waiting for "I love you best".  Suddenly, I thought I recognized it....oh no!  He was singing it accompanying himself with the ukelelu!  He was making fun of it!  Styliaing it as a parody of the wonderful song.  I could not help it, I began to cry.

Joe, or course, thought it was hilarious.

leaving the thearte with Joe and my high school friend, we encountered another High School class membe sitting right behind us!

"What did you think?"

"He was great." Joe replied.

"Did you think "I love you best" was...."

"That was the best one!!"

Damn.  Am I the only one who loved that pop icon?  Instead of being carried back to my youth, I had my memories disfigured!

The reason I bring this up is that I go to very few concerts anymore.  I have seen the Rolling Stones one too many times, the Beatles will never tour again.  But, I have been knocked out by the sound of the SAW DOCTORS, a Irish band (natch) that is going to be playing in Dublin, Ohio at the Irish Festival.

Since discovering them, I have about memorized the entire Live In Galway album (CD)....They better not try anything funny.....

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