Monday, January 30, 2006


For the first time since beginning to journal on line, I feel like I have dried up. I have spent over two years babbling about everything from High School to Ireland and then back again.

I think my inspiration sprang from my surroundings in Kentucky. There was always something available to spark a memory or throw my mind into thinking mode. Every road, every corner, every season, a song, people, weather, cemeteries, could open the creative doors. There seems to be nothing around to prod me into writing an ingenious entry!!

I have only written five pieces on Alphawoman this month!!! Five!!! And I just got back from a vacation! And I almost have nothing to say about it. Incredible. I can't figure out what is wrong with me.

The upside has been that I am reading books again.

My long lost buddy emailed me this week end. I am so looking forward to seeing her in person soon. Though neither one of us has broached the subject as of yet, I know it is just around the corner.

It has sent me into a tailspin! I wonder if she could even recognize me now that I ma well into middle age. The last time she saw me I was a smug skinny 30 year old. I am no longer smug nor skinny. I made an emergency visit to the drug store to stock up on miracle moisturizer and hair color.

I began a diet this morning! So far, so good.

I am about to commit to running the Triple Crown in Louisville beginning in Mid-March. I just need to check the dates to ensure there is not a conflict with The Saw Doctor concert in Cleveland on the 17th. My knee seems to have healed up nicely, time to tear it up again.

I figure that in six weeks, I should be ready to see her again. I will plan it so that I can saw breathlessly, "I just finished the 5K and was XXXXX in my age group."

Then she can say, "What a coincidence, I just turned down my XXXXX proposal of marriage."

It will be just like old times.


Becky said...

I've been feeling the same lately. Inspiration has just escaped me. I was starting to think there was nothing left to write about. Maybe I've already told all my best stories? Then I had a burst of inspiration the other day. It gave me hope that maybe I'm not all played out. The well ran dry...then it rained. You just need to wait for some rain. ;-)

Lisa :-] said...

You start out writing that you dont hae anything to write about, but then you go on to write a post that's simply delightful. It's your life. Life isn't always exciting or inspirational... And we're always happy to hear your thoughts on anything...even seeing an old, long-lost buddy.

gigi said...

I absolutely hear you on all points here ~ inspiration is lacking, I'm trying to diet, failing miserably and feeling just generally on the wrong side of the universe lately.

But you always find inspiration in your physical training and your love of music ~ and the minute you see your old friend you'll forget all about your wrinkles and just remember how much you enjoyed each other. Some things never change, and there's joy in that.

And where there's joy, there's inspiration. :)

tess said...

Don't think dried up because then you could blow away! Think well preserved and concentrated, that way you always have a reserve!

Robbie said...

You'll get your mojo back Mary. Just cut yourself some slack and follow your bliss.

Paul said...

Jayz, a woman who says nothing when there's nothing to say. Just promise me you won't give in to those tag games.

beths front porch said...

Dried up? Funny, your writing sounds rich...Thanks for letting me drink at your well....Beth

Unhinged said...

There's an ebb and a flow to writing, just like there is about living life, Mary. I predict you'll be here for quite some time, sharing your thoughts about the whyfores and whynots of life.

I hope you like the city better in Spring. I used to feel such a sense of freedom and reawakening in the Spring.

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