Saturday, January 21, 2006


I awoke early for a Saturday, around 5am and realized I had been dreaming of Jamaica. I'm not certain if it was the breeze from the ocean, or the sound of the surf against the beach, or the sound of the locals laughing and calling to each other as they eased themselves into the Caribbean's dark waters at 6am, every morning around 6am, and waited for the sun to rise and transform the bay into that astonishing aqua blue.

Just the faint remnant of a dream, the memory of warmth on my skin, a trace of fragrant salt water lingering......I knew it was Jamaica.

Joe and I have just returned from a four day, three night dream vacation from the island in the West Indies. The temperature was always perfect. The skies stunning, the Caribbean breathtaking.

I did not want to leave.


jennifer said...

Sounds wonderful. But not nearly as exciting as your last trip south. So, tell us, when are you going back to Cancun?

(And if you want music, let me know! I'm always anxious to play with other people's sidebars.)

Paul said...

I think Jamaica in the moonlight
Sandy beaches drinking rum every night
We've got no money momma but we can go
We'll split the difference and go to Coconut grove
Just keep on talking momma I can hear
Your voice it tickles down inside of my ear
I feel a tropical vacation this year
Might be the answer to this Hillbilly beer

Globetrotter said...

I love the Caribbean islands. All of them. And I've been to most of them.

Just the breezes and the exotic foilage and the birds singing makes you feel a little nuts. Young again and breathless to do it all and try anything.

Unfortunately that's why I always come back from a vacay in the islands burnt to a crisp and injured from attempting to wind surf, water ski or attempt to fly on the flying trapeze. Yeah, those circus workshops at the Club Med's in the carribean were deadly. Especially in combo with the rum.

Sorry you had to come back after only 4 days.

Lisa :-] said...

That's certainly one way to chase the mid-winter blues... Color me jealous!