Friday, July 06, 2007

Silent Summer

What is the coolest thing about not working is ...not working. I spend countless hours surfing the net (does anyone say that any more?) and watching Netflix movies, and generally doing nothing. It's great.

I have a feeling it is not going to last much longer as I am beginning to feel guilty about it. Until then, I shall continue to waste time.

My most recent time waster began this morning when I wandered out to the 21 rose bushes to dead head them and discovered in the several days I have not tended to them the dreaded Japanese Beetles have come calling.

It is so gross! I began collecting them in a jar to pulverize them and then spray their diluted remains back on the plants. The damage is beyond trying Organic Gardening recommendations that I read 20 years ago and it stuck with me until this moment when I can use it.

But first, I rushed out and purchased a bag of bug killer which I shall use and feel terrible about it. But, I will force myself in the name of the Roses, those poor defenseless innocent roses.

I'm going to do the bug solution on the back bush that they seem to find as delicious as a French Restaurant in Paris.


Chris said...

I hate those Japanese Beatles...their mouths never synch right to the lyrics of their videos. I keep waiting for them to sing " belle...Oh LOOK...IT Godzilla!" sue me now:)

rosemary said...

Thanks for visiting....I love your posts from the beatles to your hair dye job so far...I'll keep on reading.

Bethany said...

I love gardening too, and hate the pests.I use white oil spray for aphids, don't know how it works for beatles

Bethany said...

Oh I meant beetles not beatles I was reading chris comment and the spelling must have stuck