Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm not a Very Good Blogger Anymore

In preparing for the family reunion the other weekend I put together many photo albums bursting with pictures that spanned 10 decades. I ran across many snap shots that I had never seen before like the one above. It was one of a group of three shots. As I examined it searching for some hint of who the heck it could be the realization that it was my Dad's mother caused me to gasp out loud. She is the demure long haired nymph with the cap on the left. I flipped the photo over and sure enough, "Molly, 1920".

She is so lovely.

I've written about "Nana" before.

It seems I've written about everything "before". I am running out of stuff and my life is so boring right now there is nothing worth documenting on these pages.

I get up in the morning and every day seems like a Saturday. This whole summer seems like a Saturday that never ends! At first it was very cool and a lot of fun. Now I am in total alarm at how I have wiled away the summer and still, still have unpacked boxes in the garage.

I realize with a reluctant flash of self awareness, (because the Irish are impervious to analysis)(which always reminds me of the time a therapist told me I was one of the most totally "un-aware of self" personalities she had ever encountered...?), that I need to find a job so that my life resumes a type of sorely needed rhythm.

So, until I emerge from this fog, all I got are pictures of the past.


Donna said...

I love old pictures. You could do a picture-from-the-past entry every day and I wouldn't get tired of it.

meno said...

Having a job is overrated. Doing nothing much i underrated.

Lisa :-] said...

You are a perfectly fine blogger. You have times when your muse is active, and times when it is not, just like the rest of us. We all tend to blog less in the doldrums, AND during the busiest times. But we keep on.

YOU are the best "travel blogger" in the business. Go take another trip. You'll see how good a blogger you are...

Nelle said...

I love your entries and always check for them. NO ONE can experience a place as you do and share it with others. I feel that I am hearing and seeing what you are. You are a MUST READ. Please don't even think of stopping!

Judith HeartSong said...

yes... you have always been able to share the soul of a place like no one I have ever known. I am glad you still write, glad you still share.

Sometimes the best posts are about nothing at all, or the next layer of the onion in something we have already explored.

a warm hug,


Gannet Girl said...

Well...I have been terrible at keeping up with people. Obviously we do have an epidemic here, as I said at Theresa's blog. It must be a natural cycle.