Sunday, January 06, 2008


(originally called BEEN THERE, DONE THAT until I realized I had used that title before!)

My entries become farther and farther apart. I have less and less to write about. I have already written about how my family gathers together each Christmas. I have for several years running reviewed the year going over each month with a photo. I have published my New Years resolutions for all to see and for me to know the failure.

It is not that I have run out of things to say, its just that I have learned what an exceptionally small place the Internet actually is, and how one must either go private or write with discretion.

I suppose I have chosen the discretion route which makes for boring boring boring at times.

I am going to rant about Bookmooch.

For about a year I have signed on as a participant and began with a list of approximately 25 books to "swap". I have found that people wanted most my books, but those I am looking for are either "declined", not mailed, (i.e. request ignored) or simply not there. Factor in the move, I have no idea where the books are and when I am "mooched" I really have to dig.

Recently I was asked for "Tuscany for Beginners" and I found the book and mailed it off. I obviously messed up because the person "canceled" the transaction. I e-mailed her back and explained that I had mailed the book the day before.

I received back a snotty e-mail saying that I did not "follow the rules" and acknowledge her mooch therefore she considered it a non-transaction and canceled. Three days after the request.

Then, she slammed the book when she received it, saying it was not the edition she expected. Granted, it was an advanced reader copy that I had not read because I had inadvertently checked out the same book from the library and read it! (that is why it ended up in the Bookmooch web site).

My question is, what is BookMooch all about? Sharing books to read or book collectors in sheep's clothing?

I don't get it. The book had not been read. The spine not broken and the book itself in pristine, excellent, un-snotty condition.

And the very worst, this is a Kentucky girl.

She must have moved here from up North. (joke from Terms of Endearment).

On to a Rave. I saw the most fantastic movie via NetFlix that made me cry tears of satisfaction at the ending (and I was not drinking!!) and had me rushing out the next day to purchase the soundtrack. The later has been played at least 15 times in two weeks and I have burned copies for both my sisters and two of my closest friends. Not only was the movie terrific, the music is unforgettable.

Naturally an Irish movie called "ONCE".

If you have not seen it yet, quick! Rush out and rent it! If you are a romantic and a music lover this film is for you.

Per Per Post anyone? (just joking).


Chris said...

Re: good deed goes unpunished, apparently :)

My parents read my blog but I have gotten to the point where I ALMOST don't censor anything I say because of them. In fact, there have been times where they mention something I've written and I think to myself, "Holy CRAP! They READ that?"

Becky said...

Heh. My brain is working in parallel with yours at the moment. I need less boring and more interesting too.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was just that time of the year and everyone was having a hard time writing.


Robbie said...

I hear you about the censoring. I've always written about what is most on my mind but there's no way in hell I'm writing about any of it lately so there's not much left to say.

The first person I sent a book to warned me about some of the peeps on Bookmooch. She said to be as specific as possible in the book's condition because people will blast for the slightest flaw.

I'm still forming my opinion about the site but I do get the feeling there are people on there for the sole purpose of stocking their library - or their used bookstore. But the system is set up to get them eventually so I'm hanging on. At this point, I'm looking more to get rid of books than I am to acquire anyhow; plus I have two local people that I pass books on to as well.

nonizamboni said...
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nonizamboni said...

Bookmooch could = grrrrr. Sorry.

But thanks for reminding me about 'Once.' [Long ago I downloaded the Frames' song 'Falling Slowly' after hearing them do a drop-in performance on the Current here in Mn. I have taken it as my personal themesong.] I'm off to the video store!

About writing mid-winter: 'raise your hopeful voice!'

AC said...

I needed a good movie recommendation. Thanks!

I must admit to a bit of paranoia about my daughter finding my blog. She's the only one with computer investigative abilities. It does keep me from angsting over her outwardly as much as I might.

Yolanda said...

I would encourage you to use Paperback Swap .com. I think it is used more and I have gotten several books from them with only one problem. I think it is a much better site.

pia said...

I was just catching up on your blog--am so sorry about your father

Understand the dread of knowing that there will soon be another funeral

I gave away most of my books to a few friends or the doormen for their family and friends

I think it's noble that you did that--I wouldn't but at home I would have to walk 10-15 blocks to the post office and wait for 45 minutes or so--then I would want to kill the people I was sending the book to so....

Books are relatively cheap. Amazon sells used books. There are libraries where people can reserve books. So I never give books to bloggers--actually it's one of my pet blogging peeves

I get advance copies from publicists as I'm sure many people do who make a big deal of giving books away. So they sound like a saint when....

I censor myself constantly. if my parents were alive and knew about my blog there's a lot that would have never been put in

My b-i-l told my sister my whole blog is fiction and she bought it but I still feel strange