Thursday, September 04, 2008

Crunch Time and Movie Reviews

Oh yes, its time. Time to go out and find a job. Almost down to the wire in terms of the well has run dry. So much for "retirement". It was fun taking a year off, (actually a lot more than a year)and I must admit, I liked it. But, something inside of me has shifted. Maybe its a loneliness, or boredom, or just that life has become a little empty.

That signals that it is time.

And just like when it was time to settle down and do my homework (while attending college at night school) I would begin to find every little thing outstanding that needed to be finished and put to bed before I would finally begin studying!

So, I find I am blogging a lot and spending inordinate amounts of time picking fallen leaves and rose petals from the mulch under the rose bushes.

Being home alone all summer has entitled me to watch a lot of Netflix movies. Unlike the years before, I am in charge of the queue and it has been less men style movies and has emerged as kinder and softer.

Take the movie "we" watched this week-end. SON OF RAMBOW. Now at first you may think, man movie. But wait, Rambo is spelled incorrectly! I have waited several months for this foreign film and put into the queue the moment I became aware of its existence and impatiently awaited its availability and immediately moved it to the number one spot the week it was released.

And I was not disappointed. It was sweet and a slight tear jerker. Very entertaining and you never lost interest in the characters. Which, mainly, were all children.

As my buddy in grammar school would conclude his book reports, "Read (rent) the book (movie) and find out what happens!"

A very welcome surprise because it is not uncommon for me to rip open a movie sleeve and think "WTH?", is a movie called "Under the Same Moon". Foreign (there is a pattern here) and in sub-titles I loved this movie. It was full of sentimental b.s. and as the film progressed you could feel the conclusion building, but I just loved it.

Rent the movie and find out what I'm talking about.

Oh crap, guess it's time to go to Walmart and buy some hair dye.


Lisa :-] said...

I SO know what you are talking about with the "it's time" thing.

Go out and buy a restaurant. It worked for me... LOL!

Chris said...

Ok, for a second I was thinking that you got "Son of Rambow" without knowing and it was going to turn out to be some of...ummm..."guy flick" if ya know what I mean;)

Good luck with the job search. It shouldn't take long. I keep trying to get a way from it but it keeps finding me!