Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tardy Thursday - again

c. 1936

Like book-ends, my Aunt and Uncle sit on this fence with friends a long time ago. I would speculate that both are teenagers, at least Aunt Maureen. She passed away in the spring of this year, so she is no longer available to quiz.

She has been on my mind a lot in the past several weeks. My S-I-L brought a small plastic shoe box filled with the last of Aunt Maureen's effects (the story of my SIL and Aunt Maureen is long and complicated. SIL opened her home to Maureen in Maureen's last months. She and my daughter nursed her to the end).

That small box has bothered me ever since. How can ones whole life be reduced to one small box? No one wanted anything from the box, so I took it home with me. Inside is a set of silver wear, her PhD, her dissertation, her published work, and a pearl ring she bought in Japan, on one of her numerous sojourns into places wild and unknown.

I miss her. I miss the way she had such an honest and at times intense interest in what you were doing, how your life was progressing, and her wonderful inquiry, "What fabulous things have you been doing lately?"


Lisa :-] said...

It sounds like Maureen had a great life~~at least, judging from the contents of that little box, she was quite an accomplished woman.

I got the same feeling when my sister sent me a picture of my parents' headstone. How can these two lives, so important and dear to me, now be reduced to names on a tombstone?

Beth said...

She sounds like she was a fascinating person. I hope you were able to enjoy her stories and tales of adventure!


Nelle said...

It sounds like your aunt was not one to value material possessions. She valued her accomplishments such as her degrees. I think that is a wonderful attribute. So many of us fill our lives with unimportant things and never let any of them go.

Anonymous said...

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Monica said...

Your aunt sounds like a facinating/interesting woman. What a treasure to have someone like that in your life.