Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tardy Thursday

Once again a Wistful Wednesday thanks to Far Side of Fifty who came up with this idea of posting old photo's that tell a story. This pic is circa 1955. My grandmother is next to my blond half German/half Irish cousin E. Grandma did not problems with M. marrying a German but refused to attend J's (the blond seated on the couch holding my bro N.) when he married an Italian girl in the late 1960's. Therefore, she could attend no weddings afterwards. I wonder why she backed herself into such a cold corner. When J. was 12 she took him to Ireland for three months to show him off.

I am next to E. and K. looking towards something in the wings.

This is all the women on my mothers side of the family. The three sisters and the sister in law, the Grandmother and all the kids born so far.

Most of us are still here. Grandma went on in the early 1970's and my one of my cousins was killed in a freak accident in the early 1980's.

And...there are quite a few more than are in this picture. My Mom had three more and the Sister in Law had two more.

Here is a picture of most the women from that side of the family 50 years later! Some Grand kids added and some missing. But, once again, the women.


Paul said...

This is a great nostalgia series you're doing. Being (ahem) a little older than you, I remember well how cognizant the "greatest generation" was of ethnic differences and how prone to slurs. It seems so ludicrous now.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hey you are doing great! Love your photos, it's great that you have a later picture also. What ever were you looking at! Most everyone else is paying attention! :)