Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beware! Be very Afraid!

Here I am, up at the witching hour. And maybe it is too early for Witches. Just maybe. And it's cold, but I am in paralyzing fear of an over the top electric bill, so I sit with three layers of clothes and wrapped up in a blanket. The window tells me that the landscape is frozen, covered in six inches of layered snow and ice. The trees are encased and yesterday, when the sun would take a peek at the bedazzling destruction Mother Nature bestowed on us, it was beautiful.

But with beauty comes danger. Be aware of your surroundings, we have been told. Beware of icicles falling from the skyscrapers. Watch out for breaking tree limbs. Help your neighbors.

I am very lucky that I still have electric.


Monica said...

That made me shiver just looking at the photograph. My heat isn't set as high as I would like, need to watch that wallet. ::Sigh::

As for the comment you left me ... yes, of course I will keep you in my prayers too! It's been some crazy times and it won't get easy overnight.


Beth said...

I'm glad you are okay. Ice storms are really the worst, although if you can stay inside, they're also beautiful!

Try and stay warm,

Indigo said...

That daunting beautiful landscape is a bit frightening these days. Even Pickles is walking carefully in her favorite domain, snow. (Hugs)Indigo

Nelle said...

I will never forget the storm that hit NJ 14 years ago and I had an all electric home. We lost our electricity for five and a half days. We had to borrow a kerosene heater from my Dad's barn and huddle in one room while trying to keep our pipes from freezing. We got four inches but it turned to rain and melted the snow. Expecting flurries tomorrow. Stay warm! Have to admit, it is beautiful.

Lisa :-] said...

Yuck! You guys are getting the crap we had at Christmas.

I would be happy if it were quite awhile before I saw more snow or ice... (It snowed here on Sunday and again on Tuesday. I'm DONE!!!)