Sunday, November 29, 2009

2 of 365

Grace in small things

1) Good laugh about cat sitting on the back porch of the new neighbor - who owns a dog!

2) Finally making the telephone call I have been creading for some time and it turned out OK.

3) Reading "just one more chapter" while lounging on the bed - just like I did as a kid in my upstairs bedroom with the pink walls and the deep burgundy rug.

4) Being told that I am #2 in sales for the week, #1 for the month. I modestly say that it is a group effort but inwardly my heart is doing the dance of joy.

5) Aspercreme - what a great invention!


Donna said...

Good for you!

Nelle said...

Maybe this will help them realize what they have in you Mary! I am not surprised. I used to love reading on the bed but now I never seem to get comfortable enough. I had an all pink room: white canopy bed (SEars, very popular lol) and even my pink princess phone. Life was so easy then!

Lori said...

I love Aspercreme!!!
Congrats on your sales stats. You should be very proud!