Sunday, February 20, 2011

ABC Wednesday Round 8

E is for Epithet.

Can it really be six years ago we were hurtled up North to a strange land in the upper north east part of Indiana? At first I would wander around his amazing city which was taken from the Indians and claimed for those brave enough to endure the flat land and severe winters. As I explored this fasinating city I took hundreds of pictures of my new surroundings. I remember this beautiful spring day on river walk in the the downtown area. I thought immediately of the Gene Pitney song Town without Pity until later.

Later, after we left and I realized how much I truly did like that city.

And as I remember it, it's not the statue of Mad Wayne Anthony I think of. It's not the dozens of photo's I took of their old and very intact downtown. It's not the whimsical pictures of New Haven shrouded in the ever present fog.

No when I think of Ft. Wayne I remember this one picture and that beautiful spring day I was warned about around my new city.


Roger Owen Green said...

Ya don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. True of most of us.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team


I fell in love with Ft. Wayne when I first visited it over 25 years ago. Still think of it fondly. It's hard to move and let go of the familarity once it's established.