Monday, February 28, 2011

F is for Family

Another Wednesday ABC....

Up to the letter F. Which I naturally associate with Family. The picture above is from 1983. I found this picture (Which is a reprint fro a scan of the original which I can not lay my hands on therefore the grainy quality) I realized that 27 years later, we are all each other age! Making me now my Mom's age at present date and my daughter is now the age I was captured in that moment!

At a Thanksgiving dinner in 2009 my Mom got up, tapped her wine glass with a fork or knife, whichever she happened to have in her hand at the moment, to get the attention of the 20+ family members at the table!

"I just want to say a prayer to thank God for having us all together on this day", and then she began her infamous "F" prayer....

It ended this way, "Thank you for good Food, Family and Friends....and all things that begin with the letter F" she paused and added with her eyes closed and her hands untended up towards the heavens, "Except that." We all sat and meditated on it for a split second then I made eye contact with my nephew across the table and he burst out laughing. My Brother in law quickly seized the moment, "And thank God for Fruit", my other BIL chimed in "And football" and so it went around the table everybody carefully avoiding what was on every ones mind.


mrsnesbitt said...

What a lovely memory! Thanks so much for sharing this.
ABC Team

Roger Owen Green said...

but why not...that?!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Nelle said...

Having gone through what I recently have, it gives you a real appreciaiton for family. Wish I could meet your Mom.