Sunday, March 06, 2011

G is for Green!

First time I have been able to catch my breath for a week so here is my submission for ABC Wednesday. Letter for the week "G". G is for GREEN.

This picture was taken quite some time ago when I bought my first digital camera. I took a walk in the Lexington Cemetery one brilliant spring day and this picture was one of the results. The Cemetery itself is a botanical garden besides the resting place for such notables as Henry Clay, "King" Solomon who in the summer of 1833 a cholera epidemic killed 500 Lexingtonians in two months, and half the population fled the city in fear. "King" Solomon remained to dig the graves, an act which earned him the lasting respect of the town. And a fantastic grave and monument at the Cemetery, and Coach Adolph Rupp.

I just realized this is the second time in five letters I have used the Cemetery! It is a beautiful place and I am certain I will use several more photo's I have taken there.


Roger Owen Green said...

naturally, i approve of GREEN. i love cemeteries, too.

ROG, ABC wednesday team

colleen said...

Just in time for spring and St. Patrick's Day.

It's so good to see a long time blogger still at it!