Saturday, March 19, 2011

Just EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!1

For some odd reason I was doing that never ending search on the Internet about Fad's. And I was informed that fad's are usually started by teenagers because they are the first ones to discover something new (always looking for ways to be hip) and it if sticks it becomes a trend.

One step further I found a discussion thread about "which fad do you hate the most" and naturally it was teenagers who commented with everything that disgusted them. Some of the response were very funny. Typical teenage stuff.

Teenagers are just fun! That is unless you are raising one, then they are a pain in the keister. I know, I raised one. And before that I was one!

When I was a preteen we had quite a few fads that I remember. In other words, thank God they did not stick. We use to get these little plastic rings from the hardware store, they were called chicken rings and available in many bright colors. I never had any, though I wanted one badly. My parents never went into a feed store. Ever! I was deprived.

And there was this wild fad called collecting Fruit Loop's. It consisted of tearing the loop off the back of a guys shirt! Back in the day the back part of a shirt had a small tab in the form of a loop that people would virtually hank off each other! It made them very angry therefore great sport. It was mainly girls yanking off guys loops. From moving school buses.

God forgive me for admitting to this, but we wore saddle oxfords and bobby socks in high school! Sometimes for a break, we wore bass weejuns, referred to as penny loafers, and knee high socks. Blue. The reason being I had to wear a uniform to High School. Everybody wore the same damn thing. A blue sweater and a white short sleeved shirt with a peterpan collar and a pleated skirt. We rolled them up at the waist because wearing mini shirts was wildly fashionable at the time. The nuns made us kneel down and the hems of our skirts must touch the floor. After we were made to roll them back down we would rush to the bathroom, grab a quick smoke and roll them up.

In college bell bottom's were all the rage. Dr. Scholl sandals too, but I didn't like them very much. The wood was too hard and once I slipped and banged myself up pretty good, so I excused myself on that one. Those cute little Indian moccasins everyone had! And Indian beaded belts. Oh I would love one of those right now. Everyone wore MIA bracelets. I hung out with a very cool hippie crowd. When they let me.

Ah, the good old days when the fads were relatively cheap.

What those teenagers were saying about today's fad's.............. (too funny!)

"Guys in skinny jeans. We already know you have chicken legs that'll snap if you get kicked, no need to show us all.I just find it disturbing."

"hate short - ish tops that dont cover your butt of anything with leggings or jeggings. EWW i mean its bad enough on skinny girls but when big girls wear them!! i mean theres nothings to hold the jiggle back, it just doesnt look good"

"was gonna say those bags! They look like my Gramma would find them cute. Sorry, but those things are just... bluch."

"People that still walk around looking cheap .Wearing crap from rocawear,cooqi, ed hardy,baby phat, phat farm, & anything with baby girl on it. That was like the 90's please stop.-Fake Uggs(Fuggs)lol. Just Ew.!"



This took me back to my youth. Enjoyed hearing about all the FADS. My favorite fashion fad was the midi, not mini skirt with boots. I thought I was so cool.

Nelle said...

I remember all those fads except for the colored rings. I LOVED the maxi dresses. My grandmother made them for me. I had a MONKS CLOAK coat with the hood and rope belt. Also a suede flag jacket (my bf had the matching one) as a Viet Name war protest. Ah the memories. Thanks. :)