Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's Thursday 13 again and in honor of St. Paddy Day I am listing 13 of my favorite libation concoctions!

1) Blue Moon beer - I can remember the first time I had this delightful orange color wheat beer. I don't remember where, I tend to think it was in Boston, but it could have just as easily been Chicago or Cincinnati as I have bellied up to a lot of bars. But that first time, with the errant orange slice floating in the foam, it was love at first sip. Where ever I go and feel like a beer I ask for it. On tap.

2) Bahama Mama - The first time I had this most refreshing drink was with my friend Debbie in Tampa. (I even think I have a picture of me gazing at in in awe as it was served smoking!!). I immediately asked the bartender for the recipe. It was 99% alcohol with a splash of sour mix and pineapple juice. When I got home I ran to the liquor store and bought everything! I think it cost about $80 worth of booze! Let's see if I remember it all, coconut rum (my subsequent downfall), 151 proof rum, white run, creme de banana and creme de cacao, Galliano, grenadine and the pineapple juice and a splash of the sour mix. Oh baby!

3) Yellow bird - Sort of a sophisticated version of the Bahama mama with Vodka and OJ. I like mine served straight up.

4) Chocolate martini - need I say more?

5) Rattlesnake - in a shot glass. Joe and I once tried to make these and ended up on the floor. End of story. I called them a Snake Bite!

6) Margarita Cocktail- Frozen please. This one time Joe and I went to a Mexican restaurant in Frankfort (one of my all time fav's) and they had a dinner special. Two meals and a pitcher of Frozen Margarita's $14. It must have been a very special special because they never did it again!! A pitcher of Margarita's is about $16. So we basically ate for free. Anyway, I love me some frozen margarita's and the subsequent brain freeze. It's worth it.

7) A tequila sunrise - I no longer drink these. I will say no more.

8) Mary's Mayhem - my own creation! You take some coconut rum, preferably some higher alcohol content brand, and pour a good slug (I don't need no stinking shot glass!) into a cocktail glass filled with ice and add (diet) cream soda. OMG. I have hooked many a person on this vanilla soda coconut concoction! Maybe throw a cherry in there if you are trying to impress someone.

9) Crossfield Punch - Got this fabulous punch recipe from some Baptist teetotalers (and named in their honor) at a birthday party. It was so good. All it needed was a little vodka! Here is the recipe, a can of lemonade, a can of oj, a big can of pineapple juice and some ginger ale. Mis first three ingredients and freeze. Take out and pour in punch bowl and and add ginger ale. Then add vodka when no one is looking - lol! We make batches and then scoop into highball glasses and add the last two ingredients.

10) Strawberry daiquiri - Kind of boring, but when made by my BFF Gayle with fresh strawberries - oh God, I want one now!

11) Egg Nog - Once again my BFF Gayle led me down the road of sin (Lol - hi Gayle) and mixed up one killer Egg nog at her Mother-in-Laws. I had no idea I loved those things! Must have been the good bourbon. And the nutmeg on top. Since then I have discovered Southern Comfort Vanilla Spice Egg Nog Mix, which is only sold from Thanksgiving until New Years. And thank God for that.

12) White Russians - What does the Dude and I have in common? White milk mustaches. I have not had one of these for 30 years. I once thought I might be an alcoholic and blamed it on the White Russians. But I wasn't (I think - I guess you might wonder by this post!) but I have carefully removed the words from my vocabulary.

13) Irish Coffee - Hooray for coffee and bourbon and Irish Cream with whipped cream on top. The only way!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

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