Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blame it on the Moon

That moon! It was awesome. When I walked out Saturday night I felt like I could reach up and touch it. It was as big as a Moon Pie!

On the other hand, I am very weepy. Even this morning, thinking about the enormous task ahead of me to pack up and move to Memphis, made me tear up and I felt like climbing back under the covers. So many things to do and this procrastinator has only made a list. This procrastinator has only moved some stuff around in the house, like shuffling a deck of cards.

My daughter called with a problem and I slipped back into old behavior and got very upset because there was not a chance in hell I could solve the problem. And I felt like she needed to ride out the consequences to ensure she would never stumble down this particular path again. It will not kill her, it will certainly inconvenience her for several days, but it will be OK in the end. I felt like crying in my frustration.

When I was shuffling things around and hiding stuff in the closet and calling it rearranging the closet I came across the bag of my fathers hats.

I opened it and breathed deeply. The familiar smell of him was still there.

And then I cried.

I blame it all on the Moon.


Lori said...

It's been a while since I visited. I didn't know that you were moving. Hope the move goes well.

alphawoman said...

Oh Lori, I have moved from Jeff to Clarksville and now Memphis. In 2013 we will retire back to Jeff. I'm counting the days!!

Nelle said...

Although my last move was 8 years ago I remember it well. Wish I was closer and could help you. As for your daughter, I am going through something rough with my son right now. It's a hard lesson for him and although I could bail him out (not literally lol) I want him to understand that he has made some choices and there are financial consequences to those choices. Being a Mom is so hard. My Mom has given away most of Dad's stuff and I am okay with that. She asked if there was anything I wanted but he was in either a bad or his recliner for nearly two years. None of his clothes even smell like him anymore. I find myself playing music he liked and looking at pictures. His grave is a five minute ride for me and I go there too. Somedays I just feel lost.


Good Luck with the move. And revel in the peace your father's hats bring you.