Friday, December 02, 2011

Day 2

I'm Tired.

I realize it when I wake up in the morning. I realize it when my legs begin to cramp when I move them a certain way in my sleep. I realize there is nothing more important during a day then how your feet feel! After all, I am standing on my two all day long except for a thirty minute break and the drive to my second job.

I have been asked many times "Why do you do this?" and the reason is simple, I drink too much if I am at home.

No that is not true. The reason is that I did not work for two years and ran up some astronomical debt. I am paying the proverbial piper right now. Added to the mix is that I am over 55 and jobs for my age group are scarce.

People do not want to hire a Know it All.

Case in point. I work with a wonderful woman who is approximately my age. She lost a "good" job and continues to look for a replacement for that income. In the meantime, she works at this semi-minimum wage job.

She frequently interviews for great jobs in the Retail industry. She never lands them. I have a big notion why. She begins many a sentence with, "That's ridiculous!......." another is "That is the silliest thing I have ever heard!".

No body wants to hear that stuff.

I try to express my observations to her that I realize this place of work is like any other I have worked. i.e. "Don't tell me about the labor pains, just show me the baby"

Just shut up and do it.

Play the game.

Don't whine about how far it is to walk from one end of the parking lot to the shopping center. Don't flaunt your Handicap Card. Do not clock in and then drive 200 yards to the public parking lot.

People notice these things. It's OK to be disgruntled if you focus it to do something positive.

Because I realize that the people who hire when they see a 50 something potential employee they also see the person I just described. There are many ways to gt around hiring you. Like "can you lift 25 pounds?" My friend would reply "Hell no, maybe 30 years ago!"



So much truth to this. But you summed it up when you said, "Play the game." Such is life. Take care.

Lisa :-] said...

Can't believe she wouldn't get that she is undermining herself. If she came from retail, she should know better. If she's just trying to GET into retail, she's wasting her time.

Nelle said...

That's why I was so upset when my company fired me. Since I can't work anymore I guess it's a moot point now but she should wise up. Older and wiser? Not in her case. lol