Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just Like "the Bishop's Wife"

I finally found someone who took the reigns and continued on with the tradition of Reverb. I came up with my own list of topics to write about, but as you can see I have not kept up nor have I been writing every day!


I have to admit it would be STRESS. 2011 began with an eminent relocation. Even though I was bored to tears with my job at the Mall and ready for a change I found I was not prepared for this type of shake up. I wanted it on my own terms.

The IRS wanted their money and I found myself in the position of looking for another job. I knew I could transfer to another Bucket, but it does not pay much. I found I was having a difficult time getting interviews let alone job offers. I know my resume looks suspicious, a two year employment gap and then a semi-minimum wage job in a retail shop.

I moved four hours further away from my family. My Mom is not in good health and I find myself unable to visist as much as I would like. I have seen her four times since moving.

I am stressed because I work two jobs and I have so many people inquire why I do this? I do not have the frame of mind to tell them I need the money to keep up with my crack habit. I have people who resent it.

I am so close to paying off the IRS and then I lost my renter in Indiana. She paid me the months rent under the promise I would pay her back a half month with her deposit. She tried to rent the house for me since I am six hours away from that home. She could not pull it off for me. Joe and myself had to take four days off and travel to Indiana and assess the situation.

I had not seen the house since renting it to A. I had the house painted and new carpet put in. To my absolute horror, the paint does not compliment the carpet! I made fun of my green carpet and yellow walls. The best thing you could say about that combination was it had personality! This combo was milktoast at best. I almost cried at what I had authorized to be done!! I had wanted a steel gray silver-ish carpet and it was not available or some such bull. Once I take possession of my house again (if ever) I am painting the walls some outrageous color!! And I am going to get some outrageous furniture to liven up that buttermilk carpet. Yuck one hundred time! no wonder why no one wanted to rent it.

Evertime I turned around Ihad some unexpected financial crises on the horizon!

My mothers advice to me was to not worry but to pray. Every time I felt a panic attack begin to creep up in me or I woke up from a sound sleep to toss and turn and agonize over things - I would hold my rosary and comfort myself back with Hail Mary's rather than "I'm screwed" mantra.

My new favorite Christmas movie, which incidentally I never saw before 2008, is The Bishop's Wife with Loretta Young and Cary Grant. To sum up my favorite part, there is a non believer who talks to the Angel (Cary Grant) about his agnostic beliefs and they debate the existence of God. Later on in the movie Loretta goes running to this Heretic who is a good friend of hers because the Angel had fallen for her (hence the title) and she was confused. The Agnostic brought out his bottle of port and showed her a miracle! He poured them two glasses of wine and the bottle when up righted was full again.

The Angel! God's hand at work.

My life and my money woes are like that bottle of port. There is always enough and there is always replenishment.

What me Worry??

So even though stress seems to have dominated 2011, so have Miracles.



This touched my heart. I think I need a bottle of port and a copy of The Bishops Wife. When my husband lost his job I wondered how we were ever going to get by on Social Security. Somehow we've muddled through. Like you said, 'there is always enough and it gets replenished.' Miracles can be found in little things. Take care.

Diana said...

Isn't it amazing how that works? I've been there too many times to count; in a tough spot that looks doomed but you keep plugging away and you get by.

Nell said...

The first thing that grabbed me was the Freudian slip of the word work instead of word. That sums it up nicely. You have been through the ringer. Sorry you have been so stressed. One thought would be to get something with the two colors that you don't feel go together in a pattern to put in the room (curtains perhaps?) I hope and yes, pray that this year will find you with a renter, with the IRS paid in full and some time to relax for yourself.