Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Good Book Has No Ending

I am spending my summer being inspired by assigning myself an enormous reading program to better my mind and grease these rusty wheels.

I have made the acquaintance of several authors I never knew existed which in turn tossed me into a labyrinth of continuous consumption of the Southern Writer genre.

I have discovered Ellen Gilchrist and Michael Lee West and am trying to devour everything they have ever written. I should get on my knees every day and thank God for the public library and inter-library loan system.

I have just torn myself away from William Faulkner's LIGHT IN AUGUST to pound out a few words and give my eyes a break.

The other day while working at the Bucket a lady was searching for a gift to take back to California. She asked me what Mississippi was famous for?

My mind was over run with flashes of The Delta, the Blues, Civil right's and segregation, the Civil War, the Mississippi River and rail roads. But I took her to a display of cookbooks and suggested two of them to her. "We are famous for our fantastic cuisine!"

But in all honesty what makes Mississippi truly spectacular is all the fantastic writers that have emerged from this heady breeding ground of literature.



Lori said...

I have to agree with that.


I wondered what happened to you. A little time out to read is great for the soul. Sounds like you've picked some good reading. ENJOY.

Nelle said...

I was wondering too where you were and what you were up to. Yesterday I saw you had eye surgery. I am glad you are enjoying such good books. I just don't have the concentration right now to read and it frustrates me.