Monday, July 23, 2012

And what will you do with your wild and precious life?

I just had an amazing thought a little while ago. I thought I should be blogging about trying to read two books a week! My trials and victories. The reason why I feel like doing this. What I am learning. Why I choose the books I decide to read. The rhyme and reason. The ying and yang. The method and  the madness.

To begin, and perhaps the important  is the why. Because I don't know just yet. The mystery has not revealed itself. I just know that I am horrified that I can sit in front of a computer and two - three hours will just melt away. I will have achieved nothing. I would not receive much inspiration (if any), I will not be moved to any action, and most of all, I more than likely will be loosing IQ. Not to mention my e-bay addiction!

I am totally bored with TV unless it is Survivor or Justified. I would guess I spend about an hour a day in front of the Boob Tube. My hubs LOVES TV. Loves it. Channel surfing is his thing, his style. He can talk about television shows from eons ago, the jingles of a million commercials, and the directors of any movie ever made since the American invention of the double feature. His favorite line of disbelief when I admit that I have never seen a particular film, "That movie defined our generation!"

I prefer books to movies. I have never seen a movie that was superior to the book. 

Several weeks ago my Mother asked me, "So tell me Mary, what do you do on any given day?" I shrugged and thought to myself, "Is this a trick question to find out why I have not visited the Ewings'" (a friend of the family who moved to Memphis late last year).

The truth of the matter is .....I read. And I have been reading a lot and loving it. Maybe I am trying to escape something. I know there are things I should be doing and could be doing rather than reading the afternoon away, but I do not care.

Maybe I am avoiding the fact that I have to find a better paying job than the one at the Bucket. 

Maybe I am hiding.

Maybe I am reading my life away, but I am not wasting it. I am invigorated and energized by what I read.  And maybe just maybe whatever it is I am seeking will find me. Late at night. With the head lamp on, with the cat sharing my side of the bed as he and Joe give in to the slumber of the lesser possessed, as sleep eludes me and I go along for some wonderful adventure away from all the banality of my every day life.


Lori said...

For me, this comes in spurts. I will obsessively read constantly for a week or two, and then for a week I won't pick up a book. Then it begins again. I guess there are worse addictions!


Words find me when I pick up a good book. It is cathartic, a sort of cleansing of my soul. Books are my only escape from the mediocrity of my existance. Whatever your reason is for reading. ENJOY. Everything else will eventually fall into place.