Thursday, August 26, 2004

A letter to my favorite item

Dear Computer,

I remember the first day I brought you home. I remember all the steps I took leading up to purchasing you. The anticipation, the hope, the expectations. Who would have thought it exceeded every single one!

Dear Camera,

I look for you still. The day you were stolen is one of the saddest days of my life. My lovely Nikon SLR F series with the two lenses. I even cried. I have never been able to replace you. Oh yes, there is that Canon, but it pales in comparison. The Minolta...HA! I gave it away! The digital gives me gray hairs! My tiny 35mm was lost! I want you back! Please come home I beg you! I know it has been seven long years, but I think of you most days!

Dear Diary,

What would I do without you! Always there with a comforting shoulder and never interrupts or judges. Never betray me nor share our secrets.

Dear Refrigerator,

Sometimes I could kick your ass!

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