Wednesday, October 20, 2004


I changed the name of my blog. I have Mary Mary on an AOL blog that I use for my photoblog....or at least I attempt to have a photo journal. I thought up this name several days ago, but I do not want to start a Fifth journal! Yes a fifth! Crazy. I have one private blog that I use to experiment with. So, I thought I would just change the name of this one.

I am next going to learn how to upload pictures, join a blog circle (what the hell is that) and then learn how to do the good stuff to personalize my blog. When I posted pictures to my MMQC for the Friday challenge, I received 100 hits in less than 24 hours! Can you believe it!

Last night was something else. I woke up when Joe crashed into bed with me. (From this date forward Joe is going to be Zorro). I awoke when Zorro crashed into bed with me. I tossed and turned for sometime before deciding to go to the rest room. I noticed that he had left on the tv. When I had eliminated the white noise of the end of the DVD going through its loop I heard it...water! I walked into the kitchen with trepidation and saw took a few moments to register. Along with the smell and the sense of being in a sauna.

Zorro had turned on the water, presumaly to soak the dishes, and walked off. I had little idea how long it had been running, but the hot water was depleted. The counter flooded, the floor was awash in an eight foot puddle. I turned it off, grabbed plenty of towels once I realized a mop was not going to clean this mess up. I realized it was in the drawer too...Then the cupboard. The pots and pans under the counter were filled, as it they had been set under drips from the ceiling.

A total ugly smelly hot house mess. I cleaned it up to a respectful mess....jumped on the computer in the kitchen for awhile, then went back to bed. Where I tossed and turned for another hour...falling asleep close to 330am having to rise at 5am.

Ugly. Zorro was contrite. The sleepwalking dishwashing fool. I left him struggling with removing the saturated flooring of the cupboards, muttering about buying a circular saw. The vision of him slicing a hand off in my imagination made me rush out of the house!

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