Sunday, October 10, 2004


Of the many reasons that the South is a wonderful place to live, the Civil War Reenactments has got to have a place close to the top. Now I know that the rest of the world think that those of us who live south of the Mason Dixon marry our cousins then settle down to raise our little Frank and Jesse's. Then we build our fortunes growing marijuana, brewing moonshine and raising thoroughbred horses. Sometimes we go crazy and become land developers and chop up great grand pappies farm and sell it on five acre lots. When we want to relax, we hop into our trucks and go to the horse track for some gambling. We smoke a lot of cigarettes. We eat a lot of fried foods. Then we go to church and vote Republican.

Well, some of that is true.............But the stereotype I like the best is the one where we don't concede that we lost the Civil War. Every county that had a battle fought during the war reenacts that battle every year. It is a huge thriving business, this Civil War stuff.

And great fun. Where else can you sit on the side lines and watch men fight each other with swords on horseback? Or see a canon shot out a huge O ring? Or see and hear living history? Reach out and touch personal things that belonged to someone long ago forgotten? Or are they.

The Battle of Perryville, which was reenacted today, was fought in 1862. History tells that over 60,000 Union and Confederate soldiers met in the Perryville area both seeking water. The bloodiest battle fought in the South ensued upon their meeting. Over 7500 casualties resulted. The most mind boggling fact about all this is that 300 homes around this area were used as hospitals to treat the injured and dying.

It was a beautiful day. I wonder what they day was like in 1862?

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