Monday, May 02, 2005


I went up North to interview for a new position in the company I now work for. It was an intense ninety minutes. The position is in a different department and a totally different customer and market conditions. They guys in the department here in Lexington prepared me for the questions that would more than likely be thrown at me. Many of them came up, but several were new and unanticipated and a bit unsettling.

You can prepare yourself all you want, but you can not cover every sererio. And the biggest one being I was not convinced I wanted this position. I may go into it later, but I decided that I better stop being so charming and give myself some wiggle room. It arrived with the question, "What three things would you change in yourself if given the opportunity?"

I took a deep breath and figured, "What you see is what you get", and I was honest! I could not believe what I was doing! I'm certain they were as shocked as I!! I had already anticipated this question and had my little stock pile of things that on the surface sound like they are faults, but really are not. Such as, "I am too competive, I wish I could relax on week ends rather than think about work." The ususal line of B.S. Everyone knows it, everyone is ready for it.

I was honest. I said, "As long as I am being candid, who stop now, I wish I were a better listener. I think everyone can find improvement in this area. Everyday I run across people who hear what they want to hear, not what is being said to them. I want to improve that in myself."

"I wish I had more of a sense of urgency. My procratination is a source of stress for myself."

"And last I wish I were less of a perfectionist. I hate to wake up in the mornings with my very first thought as I sit upright in bed, "I MUST CHECK ON THAT FIRST THING!!"

With my luck it will back fire and they will be totally amazed at my confidence and verve.

I am also having a telephone interview with one of the major radio stations in the area! Now that sounds like FUN! I am also sending a resume to the PBS station. They are looking for a commission only advertising executive, make your own hours. I keep thinking of the long snowy winters.

Us southerors make terrible winter drivers.

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