Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Which Couple are we?

I really got into The Amazing Race this season. I guess because of Rob & Amber that I became interested and then hooked. Last night I was rooting for the couple that won! I was so excited that it took me till 1130pm to calm down enought to fall asleep.

I was so impressed with the respect and the patience they held for each other. The one episode where she submitted to having ALL HER HAIR cut off caused me to fall in love with them. He sat beside her and held her hand, kissed her cheek, wiped away her tears. He was awesome, she was so brave. I was so happy to see them win the million dollars.

Something very terrible today happened at work. Something that only I know about. My first instinct was to call my boss and pass on what had happened. On second thought I knew I would be in terrific trouble for no other reason than it happened on my watch. No matter why, not matter the surrounding is my account and I am responsible. The busk stops here.

Anyway, I shared what had happened with my better half. He bluntly stated that I have always had trouble, had courted trouble because I am reactionary. He went on and pointed out my faults, (i.e. procrastination, dirty dishes in the sink, not crazy about mowing the lawn....)

Instead of defending myself with excuses and expainations, I said, "You know if we were on the amazing race we would be one of the couples bickering at each other throughout the entire show!"

I really would like to have been the couple that bumbled their way to a million dollars, but I know we would be the couple who would be choking each other in the back seat of the cab. You know the one, The one with the flat tire.

After the choking scene, I'm certain he would say something like "I'm a winner as long as I have my Mary".

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