Thursday, May 26, 2005


Just when you think you have it all figured out. Just when you have accepted your fate and circumstance it all changes! Just when I had begun to look forward to just being lazy all summer and not worry about a job I GET A JOB!

Astounding. I am blown away and totally caught off guard! Last month I tried to blow the interview when I realized how different this position was going to be from what I was use to doing. I even showed my hand, telling them the truth about myself! Mind blowing and gutsy move! Aimed at not being offered the job! I told Joe that since I did not want it, for sure it would be offered to me! And I was right.

I accepted for many reasons. First and foremost, having a job is so much easier than looking for one. Looking for a job is very stressful, much like a job. So, I may as well get paid for hard work, right?

They want me the 1st of June. I said yes, but I found out that is going to be a major problem! I will be working for the same company, just a different division in another department. My boss flat said, "No, not enough time."

So, I deviously went to the Head Muckity Muck of our center to thank him for his hand in getting me this offer and offhandedly told him about the time frame problem...he said, "Go!"

So I went back to my boss and said, "P. say's Let My People GO!"

Who knows, I hope a compromise is made quickly. Maybe I will start the following Monday. I'm ready to go. It is going to be extremely difficult for me to leave here. They are like my extended family.

When I was offered the job officially by HR she told me they were looking forward to having me, the experience I bring, the evident enthusiasm, and my terrific sense of humor!

I am so looking forward to this. They expect big things out of me and I find that I usually will live up to great expectations. They think I'm a star! By golly, I'll be a star.

The house will be boxed up on the 6th and the movers arrive on the 7th. Our stuff should arrive in Indiana on the 9th. I'm having a yard sale on the 4th, the annual Taste of the Bluegrass is on the 3rd, we take possession of the new home on Saturday! It is a good thing I work well under pressure.

And somewhere in that time frame, I will be starting a new job!

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