Saturday, February 11, 2006


Dag gone it if I haven't gone and fallen again! Slipped on ice that I did not see. It was hiding under that light cover of snow.

I felt the foot start to lose contact and for one brief moment I thought I might have enough momentum going to right myself.

Nope. Fell like a ten ton Lizzie crashing down on my left hip. I was too shocked to even scream. And it hurt like hell. There was no one around ...... always the first thought, "Did someone see!!!"....and only then did I wonder if I was hurt, really hurt.

I was able to walk it off, brush off the snow. I believe I was stunned. All in all, the arch on the left foot is pulled, my left shoulder is smarting and I am going to have a sizable bruise on my hip. But, I'm okay.

How much longer? This makes the fourth fall in less that a year. One of these days I'm going to go down and break something. I must stop this absurd hobby of mine!!!


tess said...

I fall every time I go somewhere with a camera in my hand. That is what I get for being an Aquarian with a Capricorn rising. If I don't look where I am putting my feet it is all history! Hope you feel better soon- ouch!

Cynthia said...

Welcome to my world. Falling is far too common of an event for me, and I fear being stuck in SAS old lady shoes before I'm fifty.

Lisa :-] said...

Ever since I got my bifocals, I'm a fall waiting to happen. I' constantly tripping on things at foot level that my brain filters out because I can't see them clearly.

Isn't it funny how the first thing you do is look around to see if there are any witnesses?

Paul said...

Jayz, Mary, if you keep falling it's a damn fine thing you've developed those big bumpers you told us about a bit back.

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sunflowerkat said...

Yikes!! That's my biggest fear walking early in the morning. Those icy patches on the road are treacherous. I've slipped, but I haven't gone down (yet). Better knock on wood.