Thursday, February 23, 2006


All I have to say is that I am glad today is behind me. Somewhere inside of me is a perfectionist. It is laughable because I have an over riding Devil May Care attitude.

Thank God Survivor is on tonight and tomorrow is Friday.

St. Patrick's Day is 22 days away!!


LightYears2Venus said...

At work I'm usually the last to know anything, so it's not surprising I've just discovered that your journal is on AOL and here, although like a home subscription vs. buying on the newsstand, you seem to post here first (?). I think I like the AOL format better, but am just an (occasional) reader and understand the former AOL authors' protest of the ads. Anyway, I will start responding to you here along with the other blogs I've grown so fond of which fled here, too, even if I only check in sporadically.
Was today so stressful because it was Big Wig Day? Glad it's over for you. Onward to St. Patty's! Are you marking your calendar with green Xs?
I don't think there's a worker bee alive who doesn't fantasize about winning the lottery.

Paul said...

Saw Doctors, row 4. Seats 59-62. I'm serving boiled dinner before. I'll tell Davy and Leo to keep an eye out for you and Peggy.

Jayz, I'd kill for a pinta porter.

Lisa :-] said...

Press on, Mary! Eighteen days and counting...