Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Thank goodness I discovered that I could adjust the colors on this blog. I could barely read it before due to my monitor having a seizure. I should really purchase another one.

The warranty had just run out. Isn't that the way it always is?

Now I just have to figure out how to tweak some other stuff. Like my hand. It feels as if it is permanently "asleep' in, "Oh my arm feels like it feel asleep". But only when I stretch it out to use the mouse.

I may have some type of pinched nerve!!!

Oh this is turning into a Mish Mosh.

I also had a moment of insanity and signed up for the Triple Crown of Running. Some where in my deluded mind I thought, "Piece of cake, I have three weeks to get up to speed to run three miles."

Wait a minute, three weeks! It is actually less than two. And I have only gone out once and completed a very rusty one mile. God help me.

The pool of women at WORK is dwindling. The "boss" I had for two months, who was busted into another position, has resigned.......under very shady circumstances. I will never know what happened, as I am not yet connected to the rumor mill. All I can surmise is that something happened to hasten the inevitable. She was on the way out. She seemed very unhappy since the day I met her.

My birthday is Saturday and it could not have come at a better time because somewhere in this deluded head of mine, I have thought I have been this age for sometime. Meaning, I did not enjoy the full effect of being the younger age!!!!

There is no hint of spring in the ground here. No first daffodils or tiny crocus in sight! In my garage I have a bag of pink tulips I neglected to plant this past fall, I wonder if I get them into the ground this week-end they might make an appearance?

And today is Ash Wednesday! Last year I tried to give up alcohol for Lent and failed miserably. This year I am going to try again. I toyed with the idea of giving up chocolate and any variations of cakes and maybe I will throw that in there too.

St. Patrick's Day is 16 days away!!!!

(If I give up all my Sunday breaks from the Lenten fast, could I have one St. Paddy Day?)


Lisa :-] said...

Already playing "Let's Make a Deal" with God about the fast? LOL!

Sounds like you have carpal tunnel or something in the hand. Since I got my laptops, I don't get "mouse hand..." I LOVE my laptop!

V said...

Happy Saturday Birthday!
Woo Hoo!!

V said...

How are you doin`, physically?

emmapeelDallas said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for coming by my journal and leaving a comment, I appreciate it. That movie you referenced was great; I've seen it too, and it's called Me & You and Everyone We Know...and I loved the scenes with the little boy on the computer, although I cringed, thinking how innocent he was and what a dangerous game that could be. I have to laugh about your birthday comment here...for several months after I turned 55, I went around telling everyone I was 56, until one day I realized I was wrong...then people thought I was lying! LOL! Sooooo...happy birthday, from one confused woman to another.



Paul said...

Davy Carton's gonna shout, "Where ya goin' after?" and you're going to answer, "I gave up drinkin' for Lent"?

I am having trouble visualizing this. Omega, help me here.