Sunday, March 19, 2006



The lights were turned up. The roadies took the stage now.

We were left with HAY HAY HAY ringing in our ears.

Magic hung in the air.

We called our limo ride. He informed us he would be there at 1130. We retired to the bar to wait. We ordered two more gigantic 32 ounce beers to split between the four of us.

We were talking of non-important things and suddenly Linda stands straight up, points and announces. "THERE IS LEO!!!" (guitar player and cutie-extraordinaire.)

By golly he had entered the bar to talk and meet the fans. How cool is that? I mean really, how cool is that??

Linda and I go running over there and she asks if she can take his picture with me! He immediately puts his arm around me and she snaps this occasion with my cell phone!

Then I begin to babble. "Leo, our cousin in Galway is the God-father to your child." He looks terribly confused and frowns. "You don't have any children, do you?" He shakes his head no.


I go back to the table. I tell Omega what I have done. "You big dummy! It's not Leo! It one of the original band members who is no longer with the band. It's not our cousin, but the brother of the man she married." She shook her head in sympathy of my Larry David-ness.

"Do you think I should go apologize to him. Tell him I was confused, it was Bono and not him?"

Then, she asked if she needed to save the picture. I stupidly told her it saved automatically.........

It's gone.

But the magic lives on.

And I found out they are head lining at the Irish Festival in Dublin Ohio this August.

I'll set things straight with Leo then.

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Paul said...

From Amanda McGrath in the Saw Doctors office in Galway:


A short note just to thank you most sincerely for your excellent review of The Saw Doctors concert at the Roxy in Boston. Great reading - I have forwarded your email to both Davy and Leo, the two principal songwriters in the band.

I am enclosing below a list of confirmed shows that the Saw Doctors will play in the USA in May to promote the USA release of the new Saw Doctors CD, The Cure. Keep a check on the bands website over the next couple of days. There is a possibility of a small club show in Boston being added to the list of dates.