Thursday, March 09, 2006


This has been a week filled with a lot of downers. A lot of drama happening within Joes family back home. Being so far away, there is little we can do about. There is a lot of tension in our home that I can only surmise is a result of the situation there. There is a certain detatchment when it is not your family involved. The emotional reaction is different. It is actually pragmatic and logical. Maybe that is the cause of the tension.

A month ago I called my mother and she was very upset. My sister had just left after a visit and had revealed to Mom that she had a birth defect that affects the attachment of the spinal cord to the brain.

It was as if someone had placed their hand around my heart and squeezed. Actually, it ends up that it is a common birth defect that usually goes unnoticed unless there are symptoms. Kit began having migraines about two years ago and they had tried everything, seen many doctors until finally a MRI found the defect. It is not life threatening. It is life style altering, no more running, aerobics etc, and she is learning pain controlling techniques.

Every time I hear of my Dad falling or being ill, that hand squeezes my heart.

So, I understand how Joe is feeling. There is just nothing I can do about it. Just support anything they decide to do.....about it.

Always when one thing goes wrong, a multitude follows. Something is very wrong with the washing machine drain. I won't go into the horrid details....but it is always something. I am toying with the idea of calling the plumbing/heating/air conditioner other words the Life Savers, to come over this afternoon and fix the problem.


We are going to Louisville this week-end. I am running in the first leg of the Triple Crown, a 5K. I have been practicing all week. Last night I was pretty close to finishing a three mile jog. I'm certain I will make it tonight!!

We have booked a couple of suites at a fancy hotel in downtown Louisville for him and his kids to meet and have a long week-end together. I have decided to back out of the equation and let them have their time together. I will go hang out with Bridget!

The St. Paddy parade is this Saturday in Louisville and there is a rumor that my BIL is going to have a float! I heard this last week and have tried to hear the particulars such as, can I help build it and most important, can I be on it!!

This is a man who overnight made a Trojan Rabbit so large that they had to dip to get it under the electrical wires. Why? Just to put it on a friends front yard as a SPITE joke. Much to the astonishment of their neighbors!

The Spite jokes get out of hand...but that point I am making is that if he can do that, a St Paddy Day float will be a piece of cake.

Just writing this has made me feel better. I guess that if you can project yourself far enough into the future you can endure what ever hand fate has dealt you at the moment.



Lisa :-] said...

I guess that if you can project yourself far enough into the future you can endure what ever hand fate has dealt you at the moment.

I do that all the time...though, the older I get, the more I don't like the feeling of wishing time away. But, sometimes, it's the best you can do.

Paul said...

I can't help you with family stuff, but problems with the washing machine drain are usually caused by tree roots in the waste pipe that connects your house to the town sewer. Before you call a private plumber, see if the town water & sewer dept. will come and use their snakes and cutters for free (the tree may be on town land).

Trish said...

Lots to deal with. Sorry about the tension. Hope it eases soon.

beths front porch said...

Sounds like it's one of those "when it rains it pours" times. Thanks for sharing this...I think sharing weakens our troubles. I've heard a theory that sharing our dreams also weakens them; do you think that's true? Good luck on the 5K! Beth

LightYears2Venus said...

My standard way of coping is to imagine things a lot worse. You don't even have a washing machine because you can't afford one, etc. I won't go on. I inherited this strategy from my mom, who often told us that when she felt blue she would get on the bus and ride to the poor side of town to help herself feel better. (Also inherited a whole lot of cliches, but since Beth already used the pouring rain one, that's out.) After living with this strategy, I can tell you that your strategies of focusing on something positive, letting go of things you have no control over, and offering/getting support are a lot healthier! Can't wait to hear about the race and hope next week is better.