Saturday, February 18, 2006


I am distracted. From blogging. I can not find the time to slip into the local libraries and create a work of joy and passion. At one time I was able to do this job with half my brain tied behind my back. Now I find the standards are higher, the pressure is more intense, the demands are non-ending.

The week flies by.

I am beginning to put the names with the faces. I am beginning to know who does what, who is on the fast track, who is a good worker, who is a complainer, who to avoid, who is bitchy, and who can get things done.

It is very different from the Center in Lexington. A lot of the differences are good and some are disappointing. That's life.

This week one of the Big Wigs is coming to our Center for a visit. He gets to ride with me. Oh joy. A year ago, I would have been in a panic. Now it is just an inconvenience because I have to clean my car, get totally organized for that day, and get my hair done.

One must impress in all ways possible.


Lisa :-] said...

Obviously, they know who best to place the bigwig with in order to impress... You have earned their respect already, Mar. Good luck with the hair! ;)

sunflowerkat said...

Bleh...feeling pressure to impress. That's a pain....