Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Tell Tale Signs

I was dismayed a few weeks ago when I was erroneously told it was Fat Tuesday. One would think living so close to the center of the whole Fat Tuesday experience one would get the date correct! "Oh no" I inwardly whine, "I have to choose something to give up for Lent!" But a quick glance at the calendar told me I had several more weeks to enjoy whatever it is that I will sacrifice for 40 days.

Don't ask why. It's the Catholic in me.

So, it was officially Fat Tuesday last night and I heard Beale Street calling. All day people from all walks of life where telling me that was the place to be!

I knew Joe would be shoo in for that type of fun. My approach did not have to be subtle at all, just an assurance that I would drive and we would be home by 11pm! Ha!! Ain't life grand!

But it was not to be. Joe was working late and I had to embrace the fact that I am sliding into a certain acceptance that accompanies the aging process. Years ago, I might have just headed down there myself with the certainty that I would run into someone I knew.

Not any longer.

The aging process is a nasty beast. Not only are you startled by that stranger in the reflection of any type of glass when you realize that stranger is YOU but you have to accept that your mothers hands are now your hands! In the past you would stagger from the cramped confines of the car after a lengthy car trip - now it's just the five minute drive to the liquor, I mean grocery store.

Not to mention the punishment of a stinging hang over if you throw caution to the wind and have that third beer. Maybe I am just out of practice. Yea, that's it! I'm not practicing much anymore, so strike that off as a possible Lenten sacrifice.

Then there is the humiliation of being over looked and worse, not being seen at all! It still does not stop me from flirting. I will ask to see an ID and if they are relatively good looking I can't help myself and say coyly, "You are much more handsome in person....", this type of remark always evokes some type of reaction. Usually they SEE YOU at that point. And they always smile. Sometimes they get all puffed up, stand up straighter and glance at the photo, "Oh come on. Maybe some time ago....." it's fun to make someones day.

But I digress.

That happens a lot too. Loosing track. Loosing things. Loosing your hair, your mind.

So, there was to be no debauchery or depravity on Beale Street this night.

Acceptance of the situation without much resistance or regret is another Tell-Tale sign of traveling over the hill.

Yet what a fantastic night I had! The University of Kentucky was getting their lunch handed to them at half time, so I switched over to JUSTIFIED (man oh man! Everyone should watch that show, it's so good) and watched it not once but twice because Joe came home.

Then I reluctantly watched the second half of UK verses Mississippi State and they came from behind and won!!

Another sign? Sleep does not come easily!!


Nelle said...

I feel your pain, sister. I have all these grandiose ideas and by the time I have cleared away the dinner dishes my recliner calls me "Come hither." Lord, I have a recliner. :( How sad is that??? You never did say what are you giving up for lent? I remember my Godfather gave up bread. What a trooper. I think I will give up chocolate. Now what was I saying about chocolate a minute ago?

Lisa :-] said...

I have mostly given up drinking, too... And I hear you about the "mother's hands" thing. These days I look down at my hands and think, "Oh, gross! Where did THESE come from?"

Remembering Grace said...

GO CATS!!! I especially hate it when my 19-year old comes up behind me in the mirror with her smooth skin and shining hair, it just highlights my wrinkles and frizz and I have to tell her to take her teenage self into the other room!


We mature ladies have character. Our priorities have changed. Our passions still run wild. We get off on our fancy teas and coffees. Who needs booze to have fun? I roam the internet in the wee small hours of the morning and that is party enough for me. I used to give up chocolate for Lent when I was a child. Haven't given it any thought this week, though. It will have to be something GOOD. Not sure what. take care.

colleen said...

I relate, although I still can go out on my own to dance in this small town I live in and often do. I need to spread my outings more these days and say 'no' to a lot of things that still pull me.