Friday, February 24, 2012

Tardy Thursday Thirteen

I am blissfully happy.

Don't know why! Just feel that everything is coming up roses for me and my Baby. I was at Walmart thinking, "Of course it's my day off and the temp is 30 degree's down from yesterday!" and immediately added "But the sun is shining!!" and I felt it. The awareness of all things good.

What was I doing at Walmart? Besides the usual cat food run? I was replacing my silly smart phone with a Go Phone. My plan with AT&T is not eligible for an upgrade until July. The SMART phone outsmarted me (once again) and will not charge. The phone has been put out with me for quite some time. Manifesting itself when I dropped it and the back cover went flying under an unwavering counter -forever!! It had a swing out key pad so I could not just slap it into a skin so it has been very angry ever since. No duct tape this time as was the fate of my last phone, a lovely Hello Moto. So now I have a $14.99 Go Phone, which we all know will last through a nuclear blast.

Anyway, Keeping with the theme from several days ago........

13 Indications that you are growing OLD!!

1) Every time you bend down to pick something up you grunt.

2) Sometimes when you laugh very hard you pee a little!

3) You check the weather before going out. How Old is that!!

4) When ever you hear the latest/newest music you go "Yuck!! The Beatles were so much better!"

5) You remember the Beatles.

6) Your feet hurt from standing on them all day and if someone asks you if you need anything it's all you can do to not say, "Could you give me a foot rub?"

7) You buy crappy shoes for comfort - I once wrote a whole post about this titled "I use to be Cool"

8) You think you are still cool, but you are not.

9) You can start a sentence with "Son, when I was younger....."

10) You almost choke when some young whipper snapper says, "Way back in the 1960's......." Remember this would have been you talking about the 1920's at their age. It hurts.

11) You can not operate a lap top without help from some whipper snapper.

12) You go to your High School reunion and everyone looks so old!!

13) People ask you if you knew Methuselah.

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The Gal Herself said...

#10 made me smile because I've been thinking about that lately. I thought Elvis and the 1950s fashions looked so quaint, like from another age. And the 30s and 40s were ancient history! I bet that's how my by gone days of youth look to the young-uns today!


BLISSFULLY happy is a tad bit too much for me. LOL But I'm THRILLED you are feeling so good. I'm glad you got a replacement phone. Those smart phones are fragile, indeed. LOVED the "You know you're Old quotes." I grunt when my big toe moves, god forbid my whole body. The sounds that come out then are a symphony of creaks, gas and screeching in pain. And about leaking, thank goodness for Poise pads. Too Much Information, I know. I've been a caricature of my former self. I wish the young people, out there, the very best as they move forward in time. This too shall happen to them. Take care.PS) your meme post isn't coming up.

colleen said...

Sometimes I still feel cool and then catch myself in a mirror and am shocked. I seem so old fashioned but I hate when people simulate sex when the dance and when young girls push up their cleavage and boys walk with their pants falling down!

Lisa :-] said...

I had to laugh at the one about the shoes. After five years of killing my feet at the restaurant, they were so bad that I could not tolerate cheap shoes that did not have rubber soles and substantial arch supports. I was to where I was shelling out $100 for shoes that were very nearly orthopedic, and looked it. Now that my feet have gotten a bit of a rest, I'm happy to say that I can at least put on some of my cuter/less dumpy shoes and boots without pain. But, of course, now they're five years out of style... :P

Nelle said...

IF you have AT&T make sure they are NOT charging you for the internet on the phone you no longer are using. That will reduce your bill $15 or more each month. I had the same situation about a year ago. Now we keep our old phones (my son is always using them too) for just such an occasion. I like smartphones but they are much more temperamental.

Brandt! said...

love this list .. i am stealing for this weeks t13!! Thank you!