Monday, February 13, 2012

Tender is the Soul

Thought I would throw down a post just to make sure I don't totally let go again.

I am reading Tender is the Night and am totally in awe of F. Scott Fitzy. I am having slight flashbacks to High School and reading The Great Gatby. The man was a true master of prose even though I am half way through the book and do not like nor sympathize with any of the characters.

The other night we watched a movie called The Runaways and I dislike it for the same reasons. And I like/love Joan Jett!

I have embarked into a frenzy driven rush to find a new job that has led to one interview and dashed hopes when I did not receive a call for a second interview. I was definitely under the impression that he was going to call me back!! Why ask when I would be available to meet the "other two"? great Balls of Fire. But I have not given up hope. It's just slowed down.

Maybe the fact I have them a bogus SS# 123-45-6798 made them reconsider. I am not giving my SS on an on-line application. The nerve!

Anyway, I'm OK. Especially compared to the likes of the characters in Tender is the Night!!



F. Scott and Zelda are favorites of mine. Every review I've read of TENDER has issues with the characters, though. I had to smile about your BOGUS numbers for SS. My hubby is trying to get a temporary consultant job. Our bank account is in bad shape. A headhunter expressed interest on behalf of a company. They saw his resume and were thrilled with his credentials. Before he came in for a face to face, though... he had to do ONE thing. Fill out their online form. It wanted to know the year my hubby graduated from HS. He is 73. Think they would hire him IF they knew that? So he put in bogus numbers and told them it was irrelevant. (His college degree shows him 15 years younger cause of when he graduated) ANYWAY, they shot back an email after getting the FORM and said, SORRY, not interested. GOOD LUCK with your job pursuit. You may need to be in it for the long haul. Take care.

Lisa :-] said...

Job hunting sucks. And you are right not to give out your ssn on a job ap. They should have a choice of "politely decline" on the online ap. They don't need your ssn unless they hire you.

Glad to know you are OK. I was a little worried...

Nelle said...

The best job I ever had was one I interviewed for. I had attended one high school and graduated from another both in my senior year. I put down the one I attended. They called me back and told me that the first school had no record of my graduation and wanted to confirm my information. I gave them the corrected information and they called back two days later and hired me. Companies now RUN your social security number for your credit rating before hiring. They don't want people they consider unreliable. I would explain to them you are not comfortable putting it online but would give it in person when interviewed.