Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Candidate for Anger Management

I've had a rough 24 hours. I feel like I have been through the ringer. I was in a semi daze earlier, but I have snapped out of it and feel much better. I should survive the evening shift at the Bucket with the help of my little friend, Five Hour Energy Drink. Otherwise, I'd be toast.

I was up at 430 am on the computer trolling for a new job. The honeymoon is over at Elvis World and I have to move on. I was a hairs breath of resigning yesterday.

And I only have a few moment to reflect and jot it down here. Here, where I had high hopes of writing everyday, but I only missed five days out of the month so that's not so bad. I am jump started back into the saddle.

Back to Elvis world.

I was called into the back office and informed that while filling out paperwork for everyone to get a raise, it was noticed I was being paid Way Too Much Money and effective immediately, my hourly wage is bumped back over a dollar.

I was astonished and totally taken by surprise. I immediately asked when the vacated Lead position was going to be posted. it has been vacant for over a month and I was promised the position at the end of last summer. I am certain I probably asked the question in a not too happy sounding voice.

"Well, we need to talk about that. It seems you were written up for having a cell phone, after being warned no cell phones allowed, and "M" said you were angry and hostile about the constructive criticism."

Since when is disciplinary action constructive criticism?

"So, does this mean I am at the bottom of totem pole for the Lead position?'

She yammered on and on, making some correlation and concern she had that if I could not handle constructive criticism then I could be rude to guests.

Then I was told in a very round about way, that it was too bad I use to have a great paying job and now I know what it feels like to be on the struggling end of the wage hierarchy.

I knew right there I was in the middle of a reverse discrimination thing. There is no way out of this and I am absolutely stunned and so saddened that this the way it is.

Now I have the double whammy of being paid under my worth and having the wrong skin color.


Lisa :-] said...

This is the weirdest, most convoluted story I have ever heard. I am consistently shocked at what employers will attempt to get away with as far as how they treat their employees. It may be different in the South, but I promise this would never play around here. If I had tried to treat my staff like this, I would not have HAD a staff. I had enough problems as it was...

That being said... I just want to say this sucks and I'm sending positive ions your way to help you get through this crap. (((Mary)))


This is TERRIBLE. What a horrible thing to say and do. Employers are putting the screws to folks in their employment right and left these days and getting away with it. So unfair. My hubby has experienced it first hand too. I don't know how you maintained your cool. At least you have your dignity in tact, in spite of this. You'll be in my prayers. Good luck with the job hunting. And good riddance to the Elvis crowd. I know you'll miss all the characters, but the management ain't worth the trouble.

Nelle said...

In NJ it is ILLEGAL to reduce one's salary if they are working the same position.I would check to see if there is such a law. This is BS, sorry you were subjected to it.

sunflowerkat321 said...

I'm stunned! I also congratulate you on not losing it with this person. I guess employers think that "anything goes" since there are so many people desperate for work. Clearly there is no concern here for how these comments would impact you.

I'm actually furious about what was said about your past work experience and now having to struggle. It's a shame that ANYONE has to struggle but the fact that she gets some kind of satisfaction in seeing you knocked down says SO much about her. Good riddance Elvis World. I hope you find something MUCH better right around the corner.

The Gal Herself said...

No wonder you're angry. I know of employers who have given paycuts across the board to save jobs, but I've never heard of an employer saying, "Just noticed you're being paid too much." It doesn't even make sense!