Monday, January 23, 2012


It is shining, it is shining - The Beatles, Tomorrow Never Knows

In other words some randomosity....

I was watching television with my husband last night and he was flipping stations and landed on PBS and a bio history "period" piece of the 1960's and '70's focusing on the singer Phil Ochs. We didn't stay on the program very long but long enough for me to become very interested. Especially the statement he made that his subconscious stopped talking to him and feeding him inspiration. I truly understand that.

Then we flipped over to the VH1 station because he wanted to watch a heavy metal program. He had been so sweet to me recently that I did not complain or groan or get up and leave the room. I just decided to watch the show and to my surprise it was great! The host went ballistic on the nomination committee for the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame for the obvious exclusion of some of the his favorite bands and the inclusion of "rock-n-rollers" like Donna Summers ??????? etc. I loved it. Then Slash came out and they concluded that Guns-N-Roses would be a shoo in this year, the first year of their eligibility, just because of the drama that will surround "who will take the stage?". I believe Axel Rose is on the total outs with the rest of the band. Not to mention that the original drummer is a raging drug addict. I know this because he tried to turn his life around with Dr. Drew on celebrity rehab (great show -lol, my daughter folks). So that show was very cool too.

I once found a $10 bill in the post office parking lot about 25 years ago. Since Thanksgiving Day I have found a $10 bill on the floor of the Bucket, a $5 bill floating around the lot at the X-ing, another $5 at my feet in the parking lot, and a $40 Target gift card in the employee parking lot (but I turned that in thinking that they might claim it). The other day I was talking too much to a guest as I was giving them back their change. It was $2.53 in change. For some dumb reason I gave them $3.53 and I realized it as she was snapping her purse shut. Oh crap, I thought. I also thought, I'm not going to tell her I just make a mistake and hand it over. I let her walk away, it was so late, we were closing and we are never penalized for anything under $5. I'll be damned, there is a $1 bill laying on the floor in the deserted about ready to close shop. I am a money magnet. Ha ha ha.

I was running behind trying to get out the door the other morning and Joe made my lunch for me. That is why I watched the metal show with him. He's a keeper.

Daffodils are blooming in my front yard! Never have I lived in a place where I had daffodils in January! I'm not certain how I feel about this.

I have begun my Christmas shopping already for this year! It helps to work in a retail store and know a good deal when you see it. Employee discount makes it

I am so stoked up that Justified is back on! I swooned over Colin Farrell, I would have fainted over Tim Oliphant. Now I realize Tim is no Colin - but oh my, how I love me some Raylan Givens.

Oh and ............Go Big Blue!

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Daffodils in January sound WEIRD but nice. You really need to buy a lottery ticket or put a couple quarters in a slot machine since money keeps FINDING you. I don't like heavy metal music myself. But I was intrigued by the comment that dude made about the fact his subconscious stopped talking to him and feeding him inspiration. I call that Writer's Block. take care.