Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Common Man

My goal this year is to read at least two books a month. I think I read a total of TWO books all last year, but this is a new year!

I just finished Book Two last night, Listening is an Act of Love, a celebration of American Life from the Storycorps Project.

I give it five starts, an incredible book. I cried all through the second part. The stories of common everyday people, just like you and me, are amazing. It was a thoroughly moving book. I grabbed this book off the bio shelf at the Goodwill because I thought someone had stolen my idea! When I first retired from Coke, and was taking it easy, I thought that I would go into Nursing Homes and interview people about their histories.

Someone beat me to it. And I had no idea that these stories had been running on NPR for years!

My subconscious was talking to me while I slept last night and upon waking I knew I had to commit to a mini Storycorp Project of my own focusing on the extended family I have surrounding me.

I woke up with a song in my heart! It has been awhile.

If you can find this book at the library grab it!! You will be engrossed for however long it takes to finish. I would have loved to have read it from cover to cover.

Questions to ask those you love, admire or even yourself...

What is the most important lesson you have learned in life?



Love the idea behind the book you just read. Some interesting stories on those pages, for sure. Will try to find a copy. Greatest lesson, I have learned in life. To throw caution to the wind and follow your dreams. I'm still wallowing in self pity because I didn't.

Nelle said...

I just read three books in two weeks and I am ecstatic although somewhat eyestrained. The most important lesson I learned in life was this: people will forget what we have done for them, what we have given them but they will never forget how we made them feel. I avoid hurting anyone's feelings at all cost.