Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Who the Hell is Pioneer Woman?

And What is She doing in my Kitchen?

Inquiring minds want to know what I do on my day(s) off. Like all accomplished goof-offs and procrastinators I lie in bed and read until my (near blind) eyes grow tired. Then I think about cleaning the house and upset my husband by vacuuming around the living room like it is the most important task I accomplish before the world comes to an end. I even cleaned the fan above the kitchen table. The filth and dust collected up there makes me realize I should have done that a long time ago.

I am tired from all the exertion and decide to make cookies. I am making them for a friend of mine that is in a rehabilitation hospital. The fact that he is diabetic does not hinder my determination to make cookies.

I have a recipe in mind, one that I perchance caught on FoodNetwork. It was the Pioneer Woman, Rea Drummond, the millionaire blogger who is making millions more every day. Probably every minute. Somebody somewhere is buying her cookbook or her memoir. Or staying at her Ranch Hotel/Bed and Breakfast.

I first became aware of PW years ago, perhaps when she first started her blog and was gaining popularity. Back before AOL-J Land went belly up, someone there mentioned that PW was a fantastic site! They were reminded of SloMo, an AOL blogger who quite suddenly, at the height of her Readership and more than likely on the cusp of being "discovered" , disappeared from the Blogesphere creating an incredible void that was hard pressed to be filled.

Was Pioneer Woman the answer?

I have to admit I have tried out some of her recipes and for the most part, they have turned out pretty good.

Fresh green beans cooked in a cast iron skillet with onions and chicken stock plus seasoning? Who knew? I do not cook green beans any other way since.

With such success why not try that lasagna recipe. Another success...damn it!! I do tend to doctor up the lasagna a lot, but otherwise she hit a home run.

So when I caught her on the Food net work making cookies I thought "What the Hell"

Guess what? They are very very good. She puts malted milk power in the mix. I added some cappuccino double mocha power along with the malted milk and cut the two sticks of butter to one and added 1/2 cup shortening.

Mmmmmmmmm....to die for!

I will send a big batch to my friend so he can share with his visitors. I wish I could visit him but I can not so these cookies will have to take my place.

Guess PW is not so bad after all. Guess I am just slightly jealous she burst on the scene and had immediate incredible success.

I suppose she deserves it. If only for these cookies....

Here is the link!



I LOVED Ree until she took credit for Rocky Mountain Toast. Hubby had that growing up and at camp. Was one of the first things he insisted I make when we got together years ago. We were the only ones who made it among all our daughter's friends. Then along comes The Pioneer Woman and everyone thinks she invented it because she calls it something different. I'm holding a grudge. LOL

Donna said...

I think PW was rich before she ever started blogging. She grew up wealthy and then married money. I still love her. Not for her cooking so much, but I love the ranch and the cows and horses. That's what I love about her show, too. The ranch, most of all.