Sunday, January 22, 2012

I need new glasses!

Just the other day 'Fire & Brimstone' at the Bucket said, "You should quit that other job and just work here.' She is concerned about me burning myself out.

I nodded in agreement and said something like, "If I could make X amount of money, I would just work here!"

Oh no no no no no no no. NO NO NO NO NO WAY!!!!!!!!

I lied. If I had to choose between the two places, it would be "So long
, sayounara, see ya on the other side, asta la vista baby , good-bye to you, to the Bucket.

Because the following would never ever happen at the Bucket.

I am cruising through the ticket office when I am told Colin Farrell is in the house. He was spotted at one of the restaurants. That was the info at the time.

So I have a few minutes left on my break and I am standing outside the office and looking to the left and looking to the right and talking to one of the Security Guards about C.F. He says, "He is coming up on my left....."

My heart began to go BOOMDADABOOMDADADBOOMBOOM....BOOMDADDDABOOMDADADABOOM. "I'm not going to gawk at him, I will just look as he passes behind you......."

And then he passed behind him about three feet from me.

He is drop dead good looking.

I smiled at him. He did not make eye contact and moved on. As soon as he was a slight distance away I turned to get a damn good look at his ....retreating back.

Security says, "Go call Joyce and tell her which way he is heading." Then he took off.

I call Joyce, tell her how luscious and handsome he is and give her the trajectory they are taking.

About 15 minutes later she sticks her head in my store and says, "I don't know, he was okay. The girl he was with, a bow-wow. I don't like the pony tail, they kind of looked like trailer park trash. I don't know, I'm from Boston and I am use to seeing pretty boy Irish." I am bum fuddled. "I guess I need glasses more than I thought." She nodded and left.

Fast forward 20 minutes. She calls me, "Oh My God!! I was looking at the wrong people. He is a babe!"

I was relieved that my eyes still can tell if Colin Farrell is Colin Farrell and not some trailer park trash.


Donna said...

I'm so pathetic I don't even know who he is. I would Google him, but I'm still fixated on that man-candy guy Ashton Kutcher. Sorry, but even old women get these ideas.


I could have told you, ain't nothing wrong with your pretty eyes. Colin Farrell is GORGEOUS. I have lusted after him in my heart even when he was playing a gay guy. You lucky girl, seeing his LUCIOUS retreating behind. Are they hiring there? Inquiring minds want to know who else might show up?


PS) OH no. I meant Colin Firth. But I just googled Mr. Farrell. I'm still swooning. OMG. What a hunk.

Jeff Hardy said...

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