Monday, January 16, 2012

Fire and Brimestone

Boy have I bitten off a lot to chew committing to the Nablopomo thing. I have missed two days and both times it has been on a Sunday. A tough day. I usually work the night before getting home at 1130ish and up and out to work at Elvis World the next day. TV is usually too good Sunday night to forfeit for the computer. Plus my husband is around and needs attention.

Hence, Sunday is tough.

Though all day I was rolling around the sand of a thought, a theme so to speak and trying to produce a pearl. My thoughts continually came to the wish that I was at church and not standing in the middle of a music shop talking and chatting up Elvis to a bunch of Canadians.

How I miss the hustle and buzz, the getting there. Now I am not really a religious person. I am Catholic by birth and have been there done that. I never wanted to be a Nun, I never wanted to go to Mass much less the confession! I recoiled from the lives of the Martyrs and Saints. I believe my lack of interest in the horror genre stems from my repulsion to being stones to death, crucified upside down, celibacy, burnt to death at the stake, having your head chopped off, being burned to death as an offering, having children cut in half. Horror stories? Look no further than the Bible.

No the religious life was not for me.

Yet I found a lot of comfort in attending the non denominational church with Joe in Lexington, the Mega church. I loved it. I loved everything about it. But I especially loved the donuts and coffee afterwards. That ended when they built the new church that included a cafeteria and cash registers. No more donations, based on the honor system, in the jar.

That's progress I suppose.

I loved the Bible study classes I attended because as I said, I shunned the Bible and it's gory lessons. But in a women's group, taking a Beth Moore class, it was just a wonderful experience of female fellowship I had never encountered before.

Trying to "out sin" your fellow class mates at second grade Confession practice does not count.

Since leaving the Lexington area we have not found a church to fill the void. And I feel the urgent need for spiritual guidance and nourishment.

Sometime ago I was having a discussion with one of my new friends/co-workers at the Bucket. I was telling her about seeing Joel Osteen preach on TV about being a blessing to other people and how it affected me.

She gave me a long look and took a few moments to choose her words. "I don't like him. Seems like a lot of psychology and hooey to me. I like my religion Fire and Brimstone." Then she fixed me with a steely stare. I figured she was daring me to say something.

After 12 years of Catholic schooling, I've had way too much Fire and Brimstone!! But I kept my mouth shut, I certainly didn't need a philosophical argument among the Christmas decorations and angel glitter.



I've seen Joel Osteen preach on TV too. Interesting fella. Had to chuckle about the lady not liking him, though. Each to his own. I will say... I am glad that you explained to me WHY I don't like GORY movies either. It started with The Exorcist, now that I think about it. LOL I was named after a Saint and being a kid was tough because of it. I collected religious statues with my allowance and lined them up faithfully on my dresser, waiting to grow up and become a nun. Then I discovered boys. Need I say more? LOVED your insights.

Lisa :-] said...

Never thought about the connection between martyrdom stories and distate for gory movies...but now that you mention it, it makes sense.
But when it comes to churches, I've been there and done that in both the Catholic church and the pentecostal; which has led to my decision that no organized religion works for me. However, I don't knock anyone's choices. Spirituality is a personal thing.

Donna said...

Do you care if I link to this entry? It goes along with what I've been doing lately on my blog.