Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm the Hype Girl Today

Today I was Rosie to Shanika's Sophia Grace .

We are having this ridiculous contest at Elvis World to see who can sell the most of these little candy mint boxes. Not any mint box, but the new 35th anniversary box with the hideous picture. When I first saw the box I thought, "Great Balls of Fire! No one wants to see the "Elvis" of right before he died!! They want the young virile healthy Elvis in black leather!" Instead we have this very unflattering pic of him with his hair all eschew and him bending over the microphone looking like he is sweating up a storm and about to pass out.

And so, due to the picture being so unflattering, they are not selling. To make the contest more interesting, they are waving a carrot under our noses. A free meal at one of the restaurants EACH DAY to the one who sells the most tins.

It's on!!

I did win one day and I am pretty good at it. But there is this one lady who is the best! And it is getting Shanika down. She had decided to quit trying because she can't win.

Pure Bunk!!

Today I was the relief person for a certain section of E-World which means I give breaks and lunches to the merchandise team. I then go to the high volume stores and help bag, stock etc.

I went to Shanika and gave her confidence to sell those mints!

I would hold them up and demonstrate the many uses for the tin after the mints are gone. They are perfect for hiding change from your husband. You can put your pills in afterwards. You can look at Elvis every day. You can give them as an inexpensive gift!! Valentines day??

We rocked. We sold 14 of those suckers in about an hour.

For that day she was the winner!!

And for that afternoon I found out how Rosie must feel.

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