Monday, January 09, 2012

Is Memphis Cool or What?

Most cities have a free alternative newspaper that is available once a week. I have encountered one in every city I have lived, with the exception of C-ville because can they really be considered a city? Cincinnati had the best! Ft. Wayne the slimmest and least political and informative, mostly just the bar scene updates. Memphis has one that leans more towards Cincy than Ft. W.

This latest issue has a small article about an art project that is in its third year. For a small donation you receive a hand stitched hand made 16 page sketchbook that you fill out with what ever your heart desires. Sketches, poems, photographs, found objects, water colors, collages, writing or whatever. The possibilities are endless.

Upon completion you return the small book by the deadline and they are put on display in a exhibition. The coolest part is how they are displayed! Suspended by thin wires and dangling into your hands for viewing and enjoyment.

I have a couple of days off in two days and I am going to find out how to get one!!

Memphis is a very cool place!



Baltimore had a good alternative paper back in the 70's. I was SHOCKED to hear Ft. Wayne has one. The sketchbook idea with your own creations, suspended by a wire to glance through is AWESOME. What a wonderful project. Is it a benefit to raise money or awareness in something? Or just to promote the arts? Very cool. HAVE fun doing it. Let your creativity run wild.

Nelle said...

My husband would LOVE doing that. He did a sketch and it was put on a website. It was really exciting. Let us see how yours turns out!
Mary, it may not seem it to you, but to me you lead a damn interseting life!