Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Making the commitment to blog everyday is daunting. There is only so much to write about. I found a web site on Wordpress that was presenting a daily topic for consideration. Naturally, it has not kick started 2012 as of yet! I am not much of a meme person, though I love the Thursday 13 and several photo challenges.

Yes, it's all coming back!

I have slept like a baby lately since I do not have a lot on my mind that keeps me awake. I worry about my Mother, but that is futile. As she has told me, do not worry, pray. I worry about my renters in Indiana, it seems they can not afford the house and that is my fault. I will give them one more month to get it together and then I will be forced to ask them to leave.

If that is all I have to worry about, then I am a very lucky person.

When I woke this morning I had the tail end of several dreams floating in the ephemeral space of unconscious and awareness. It is not unusual for me to awake realizing I was calming myself in the dream sequence by assuring myself that I am dreaming. This morning I was assuring myself that I no longer worked for the Beverage Company and I did not have to deal with the anxiety of not knowing where I had last seen my Hand Held! Or how I was going to get them a case for $10 and delivered, by the side loader, up a mountain.

Whew, thank God!

I also dreamed I was at yet another reunion and I had not taken any photographs. I know where that came from!! I realized yesterday that some thing is wrong with the DSLR. I have to see if I can send it back to Nikon to fix. If not, it means I have to start saving for a D-80. Woo-hoo!!

I also dreamed I was pregnant. Where did that come from? Nightmare!

I then caught a fleeting glimpse of myself rushing past a store front in Lexington, searching for my Hand Held and worrying about making that Beverage order. The building was the old JDI - Jefferson Davis Inn, one of the haunts of my ill begotten youth.

My purse was stolen there once and my Dad had to get out of bed and drive to downtown and deliver the extra set of keys to the car. Good old Dad. How I miss him. Had not thought about that incident in forever. Dreams as gateways into long ago memories?

Lingering in bed, I began to list all the old great bars that existed in my youth that no longer remain. Gone with the Wind. No one would be interested in the bars or the transgressions of my wild '70's existence! No one but me.

And then I thought, well hell! who is this blog for anyway?


Lisa :-] said...

My blog is all about things that are not interesting to anybody but me these days. It was too disappointing to wrack my brains trying to write for an audience and then realize I didn't have one... lol!


Blogging everyday is a daunting task. That's why I only do it once a week. LOL You're doing great though. I admire your effort and sticking with it. Loved what you said about "DREAMS being gateways into long ago memories?" I think you're on to something there. Thought provoking, indeed. Take care.