Friday, January 13, 2012

Superstitious ... ?

Who me? Friday the 13? Ha! I'm Catholic! I have a lot of things to be afraid of other than unfounded superstitions. Like dying in the state of sin and having to spend most of eternity in purgatory! Now that's scary. I do not concern myself with trivial irrational beliefs as Friday the 13th's, black cats, broken mirrors, blue moons & walking under ladders.

Now falling off a ladder, that's another story!

Speaking of being Catholic reminds me of my Mother, a devout Catholic who puts all her trust in prayer and the will of God. I am certain that the fact I had no sisters until I was 11, in her opinion, was the will of God.

I think it is God's sense of humor, maybe. Or sense of justice.

I was ironing a shirt for work this morning, a few minutes ago, going through the steps as my Mom taught me so many years ago. First the shoulders, then the collar, then the sleeves, iron the button area on the inside of the material, then flip over and iron next to buttons then in between buttons, then the body of the shirt etc. etc. etc.

I had all the "girl" chores to do while growing up and helping out with the ironing was one of them. I quickly found out Woman Work a hell of a lot harder than the Men when it comes to housework.

My list of "chores"....


Setting the Table

Peeling the potato's

Washing the dishes

My brothers list of chores (there was three of them...well, two most the time)

Clearing the table

Taking out the garbage

What is the parity in that? None!! I had to wash up the dishes for a family of at least six including pots and pans! I had to stand on a stool to reach the water. Night after night, day after day, and I had no sister to share my chores with!!

Boy's had it easy.

When Kit arrived I had to add watching the baby, changing the baby, feeding the baby.... to my list of chores! What??!! But it was excellent training for my first job...babysitting!

So, God up High, thank you for my dishwater hands and my sister, who arrived way to late to help with the dishes but none the less is greatly appreciated.

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