Thursday, April 05, 2012

Memphis Thursday 13

13 favorite places in Memphis (area)

1) Elmwood Cemetery - I love cemeteries. This one is in the top three of final resting places that I have photographed!

2) Beale Street - I need not say another word.

3) Cooper-Young - Funky area of town that includes the best restaurants, farmers markets, Irish bar and bookstores, interior design shops, art shops, etc. etc. etc. the cultural area of Memphis!

4) Burke Bookstore - My Mom's maiden name. How apropos. Great used bookstore.

5) Memphis Public Library Bookstore - bookstore and more bookstores. I am my mothers daughter.

6) Laurelwood Shopping Center - everything from expensive I mean delicious chocolates (Elvis loved them) and a fantastic non-chain large bookstore, this shopping center is a must go to for me.

7) Shelby Farm Park - A respite from the world and about a hundred miles of walking and running paths!

8) Sheffield Antique Mall - Why do I love old stuff? Because it transports me back in time. Remember 33rpm records? Remember Paul Revere and the Raiders? Remember Where the Action Is? I do! I'm old.

9) Goodwill Bookstore - My major hang out and I have spent about a zillion dollars on amassing my extensive and knock you dead Cookbook collection!

10) Mississippi River - Just an awesome breathtaking and overwhelming River!

11) Memphis Botanical Garden -When I first visited Memphis about 20 years ago I made a trip to this lush beautiful extremely large oasis. From the Japanese meditation garden to the fields of irises back to the sculptures it is one of most beautiful spots in the city! A Farmers Market on Tuesday, a Art museum inside and of course the flowers and flora. Heaven.

12) Hernando Farmers Market - Pictures to follow. Voted one of the ten best markets in the South, if not the country!

13) Civil War Historical Sites - They are everywhere and Joe and I explored so many of them when we first arrived in the Mid-South. This is a picture I took at Shiloh. By the way, tomorrow and Saturday is the 150 anniversary of this battle on the Tennessee River. I think Joe and I are heading there on Saturday. it's about 100 miles east of Memphis.


Brenda ND said...

Oh, I haven't been to Memphis in a long time. It would be fun to visit there again. Thanks for the heads up on good places to see.

I am Harriet said...

It would be neat to take a riverboat ride.

Have a great Thursday!


Never been to Memphis. I enjoyed the tour. A riverboat ride would be so much fun. I live in cemeteries. Visiting them is a pastime. take care. PS) still waiting for the mailman.