Monday, April 30, 2012


Bucket Couture

I stand disbelieving in front of the new display of High Fashion that is being offered for the "typical" Bucket shopper knowing there is an immense disconnect between he buyers and the clientele. I ponder the thought that our frequent eaters drag in sweaters, jackets and all types of cover ups to defend themselves from the onslaught of our over zealous air conditioning requirements. After all, even if our customers are sedentary, the employees are not. There is no balance between the two and so the air is always on, except during the winter months when we are doomed to the the fate of the  fireplace and the subsequent lingering scent of  exquisite smoked BBQ which clings to our hair, our clothes and our whole being!

I ponder all this and more. Theorizing that the 30 somethings that order this type of clothing never once worry about their upper arms flapping in the breeze. I speculate that the buyers have never set foot in a Bucket and researched their target market. 

Or do they? 

It is certain they will see the parade of American Heartland march through the doors of our artery clogging delights disguised and marketed as comfort food. They arrive in their huge SUV's and sedans and F-150's to be dropped off at the front so that they do not have to endure the walk from the expansive parking lot to the entrance. The men are inevitably sent back to these gas guzzling abominations for the cover-ups and jackets the women folk need to battle the atmospheric conditions. Our typical woman shopper/guest is in her 50's or 60's.

Maybe they do realize that the typical stock order of one size small, two size mediums and several larges and the rest of the lot be XL's, XXL's and the biggest seller of them all (no pun intended but snickered at) the XXXL's is pure genius rather than in the trenches research. 

The smalls always linger on the rack until they are shifted to the Clearance Corner and then and only then, are purchased as a gift for someones daughter or granddaughter, who would be so young they would not be caught dead in any of the Bucket Couture.

I still marvel that they insist on sleeveless blowsy blouses that I love.

Because I am now Blanche Devereaux.

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