Monday, May 14, 2012

A Life in Polaroids

Yesterday I had this terrific idea to offset my boring life. I would document every monotonous day with a snap shot courtesy of my temperamental smart phone.

As luck would have it, I would have taken a picture of the "home made" peppermint ice cream we were served at the Bucket. Due to it  being Mothers Day and us having to work and all. Usually the busiest day of the year, next to Thanksgiving in the restaurant biz.  Due to the color, most the staff was referring to it as  "Pepto Bismol" ice cream. Which was funny. 

As I was saying, as luck would have it, my phone was in another room and not nesting in my pocket so I missed my opportunity to gross you all out.

There will be other times.

And then Sinbad walks into our Bucket.

I see him and I walk around him and then I think to myself, "that looks like Sinbad." So I go to one of the cashiers and say, "He looks like Sinbad doesn't he?" and she agrees. He is on his phone, tall with red hair, very short, white runners, loose fitting clothes with an an animal print scarf laying casually over right shoulder. 

It was the scarf that  gave it away.

A very quiet riot detonated within moments. He was cool about it, letting people take his picture and then they sat him very quickly.

Everyone forgot about the Pepto Bismol ice cream.

Dang, I wish I had my phone to document my boring life.
I am getting my cracker barrel on at horn lake near south have. Now if you don't know what state this is....Well then it wasn't for you :)


Donna said...

What ever happened to Sinbad? I used to love his comedy routines.


I's a great idea, taking a picture each day. I've been doing it here over a year now. But I have NEVER seen SINBAD. Or "Pepto Bismol" ice cream. How exciting.

Nelle said...

Once at the height of his populary my son had Biz Markee stop in at McDonald's on his way to Six Flags. Said he was a great guy but travelled with a huge entourage. Keep your phone in a pocket for next photo op!